Boycott Blues "Believe" (Video)

 Boycott Blues' nu EP "Discipline" set to launch on iTunes January 2012 

True 2 Life Music ~ Daily Math (Video)

"Daily Math" by True 2 Life Music will be on the upcoming album "Every Dream Has a Price"

I Think Of You ~ Champ Brown ( (Single) )

from The Collection Plate, released 22 May 2011 
Prod. by Brandon O'Reilly

& make sure yoU grab THIS

Maya Azucena ~ Cry Love (Video)

From Maya Azucena's LP "Cry Love"
Available on iTunes
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Don Cannon & Mars ~ The Peaceful Journey: A Tribute to Heavy D ((Mixtape))


Configa ~ "Back 2 Basics" ft. John Graham (Video)

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Anthony Hamilton ~ Woo (Video)

The 1st single from Anthony Hamilton’s upcoming album, Back To Love, dropping December 13th.

Stic.man ~ Champion (Video)

If you don't have THE WORKOUT album
get it now
Itz Mental Motivation

Common DREAMS (CNN Freedom Project Documentary)

Grammy Award-winning artist and actor Common has partnered with the CNN Freedom Project to make a journey of discovery deep into the dangerous slums of Haiti where 300,000 children are forced to work in conditions the United Nations calls a ‘form of modern-day slavery’.


If U Down by yU ( (Single) )

Tragedy Khadafi "Still Breathin" (Video)

Off Thug Matrix 3

Lupe Fiasco ~ Friend of the People: I Fight Evil ((Mixtape))


Afu-Ra ~ I Can Fly ( (Single) )

Afu Ra - I Can Fly by TheMusicVacuum

Wu-Tang vs. Jimi Hendrix ~ Black Gold ((Mixtape/T.R.O.Y))

11*27*1942 ~ 9*18*1970

created & mixed by Tom Caruana

Bruce Lee (Reflectionz/T.R.O.Y.)

Hapi Born Day...
11*27*1940 ~ 7*20*1973
Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Willing is not enough; we must do. ~ Bruce Lee

Eye was just a young G watchin' Gung fu movies on da color T.V.
Wake uP early in da mornin' before anybody else
Just so eYe can cee Bruce Lee
Wanted da Yellow track suit wit da Black strip down da side
Just like Bruce Lee
Nunchucks in da mirror daydreamin' that eYe could fight
Just like Bruce Lee.. ~ Stic.Man


Jay Electronica in Nepal "Dimethyltryptamine" (Video/Dope ViZualz)

Zig zag Zig (LivinG Ma'athematics)

26 ~ Zig Zag Zig

Meaning KnowLedge, Wisdom, and UnderstandinG
Sun, Moon, and Stars
Man, Woman, and Child
Zig shows that KnowLedge and UnderstandinG are alike and Zag iz Unalike
These are the Triple Stages of Darkness of a process which allows God to continually 8uild and add onto the U*N*I*verse, without Beginning nor Ending. Zig Zag Zig is the constant struggle to bring about Supreme UnderstandinG thru 8uilding Positive and Destroying negative, ultimately resulting in Peace. The words or Wisdom must become an Equal effort among each member of God's Family to be successful.
...thru the storms of dayz after
and 2 the Earth from the Sun
thru Triple Darkness to blast ya... ~ Guru


Sha Stimuli ~ Runaway Slavestyle (Video)

Colorado Hip Hop Cypher 2011 (Video)

Black Star "You Already Knew" ((Single))

Talib Kweli & Yasiin Bey are Black Star. "You Already Knew," produced by Oh No, is the first song off 'Black Star Aretha,' the group's tribute to the legendary singer. Get it >Here< Free

Black Star "You Already Knew" by 3DDistro

Wale ~ Barry Sanders (Video)

Notes To Self ~ Nobody with Evidence (Video)

lQQks kinda like a savioURself19 style video

Remember back back in the day when you had that 1 Homie who would video tape & record every rap video on TV, or every rap show on the radio? Used to go over to the crib and bug out over new sh*t, even if he only caught the last half of the joint, y'all would still go crazy over it right?
Fast forward 15 years, the Homie has a box of 30 or so VHS cassette tapes sittin dusty in a drawer with names like "Rap City", "Summer Jam", "The Box", "In Da Round" scrolled on the side of'em in some youthful hand-styles fit for a wall or two - and you're like, I need to watch these, take you back, rappin along with every word like it was yesterday. But you ain't mad raps evolved, cus you fu*k with the new sh*t, cus back then "this was the new shit".Maybe that same Homie back back in the day, meticulously catches the last 50 seconds of that new Jeru joint, making Moms change the channel quick fast in order to record it, cus Rap City is on. Leaving you wondering how Prem does it, making them sound so good right, and saying to yourself "I wanna rap like them".

Black Star ~ Fix uP (prod. Madlib) ( (Audio) )

Nu Yassin Bey & Talib ~ Black Star -Fix uP
grab it on ( ((iTunes)) )

Elijah Muhammad on the Boondocks (LivinG Ma'athematics/Video)

Eat 2 Live

25 = whY ~ The question most asked to justify. This iz the question that iz most asked by the 85%, who are made blind, deaf, and dumb by the 10%, and from EATING THE WRONG FOODS (7od Degree). They are usually to lazy to exercise their Minds and find the solution, the Answer, within Self.

God Degree or the 7th Jewel is Food.
Food is the nourishment needed to sustain one physically and mentally. Physically by the nutritious elements given to the body to keep it healthy. Mentally by Allah's Mathematics.




The Weeknd ~ The Knowing (Video)

Sunni Colón - Lost Tribe (Video)

William DeVaughn ~ Be Thankful For What You've Got (Audio)


KMT(IC) Slim: American Terrorist (Rize 80 Million Souls Mix) (Video)

Ras Kass ~ Nature of the Threat ( (Classic Audio) )

"I probably couldn't make the same song today. I probably couldn't have made the same song 5 years ago just because that's where I was. Everything that I make is a time capsule...There may be fundamental facts in it that I agree with, but now I may have a different interpretation of those facts." ~ Ras Kass on "Nature of the Threat" 15 years later

As Alwayz do the KnowLedge (on everything) for yaSelf... 

4word Presents: The F*#k Thanksgiving Special (Video)


Old Soul by L'Orange (Mixtape/Instrumentals)

Then some LADY named Billie Holiday sang sittin' there kickin' it with Malcolm 'til the DAY came... ~Pac

Billie Holiday is my muse. Her creative vision and stylistic integrity have influenced both my music and my writing. When I decided to work on this project, I wanted to approach it with respect for her music. I wanted these remixes to be both inspired by and dedicated to the life and craft of one of the most innovative and soulful singers of all time. Each track is designed to represent a significant part of Billie Holiday’s life.
Thank you for listening,

J-Live ~ The Authentic (Video)

In this video, J-Live and his clones are "The Authentic."


Water ~ The Great Mystery (Documentary/Video)

Power of Wisdom...

Wisdom represents Water, which is the manner of which one speaks intelligently. Your Words can be a gentle rain, a freezing snow, or a biting sleet. Wisdom, like Water, is an ever flowing spring from a bottomless ocean, a flow of Life that takes the shape of any vessel, that reveals itself in all bodies and all moments.

"Empty your mind be formless, shapeless ~ like Water. Now you put Water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put Water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now Water can flow or it can crash. Be Water, my friend." ~ Bruce Lee

The Number 23 (LivinG Ma'athematics)

23 (Reflectionz/2dayz Math)

The Wisdom nurtures the UnderstandinG, the Seed, God's Star, so that God's Power continues throughout  all T.I.M.E. through each generation, without beginning nor ending


Ras Kass ~ Holes in the Ozone (Single)

On this Doc Hollywood produced track, Ras Kass gives his view on the hip hop pollution filling the airwaves. Look for this song on Ras Kass' upcoming album F.I.L.A. (Fuck It Loseit All) due out Spring 2012.

Ras Kass - Holes in the Ozone by RasKassCentral

The Roots "Sleep"

Part 4...

Death is not the greatest loss in life. The greatest loss is what dies inside us while we live
~ Norman Cousins

The 4th and Final video vignette off Undun ~ Coming 12*6*11
Check the first 3 >Here<

Mpc 1000 King I Divine & LD Henriquez "Amber Nights" (Video)

King I Divine making a hip hop beat on the MPC 1000 luring in LD Henriquez with the smooth sounds of 
"Amber Nights"


T-Pain vs Chocolate Drop (Kevin Hart) ~ Rap Battle (Video)


Niyorah EPK

Niyorah sheds light on himself, his inspiration, his commitment to his fans 
and other future plans...

Occupy Wall Street "Beware The Zeitgeist" Lost Children Of Babylon (LCOB) Produced by Snowgoons (Video)

From the album "Zeitgeist: The Spirit Of The Age"
Available on iTunes: 

MKS Might Kill Some'n feat. Sha Stimuli (Video)


First visual from the MKS mixtape [Mark'que Kebba Streetz] featuring Sha Stimuli. Available exclusively on datpiff.com for FREE.


Afu-Ra ~ Big Boyz (Single)

Grab the Remix also

DJ Mu$a ~ Shoe Shine 2011 (Video)


Mary J. Blige ~ Feel Inside ft. NaS (Single)


u*N*i * i*N*u (Reflectionz)

U and I Verse for Better UnderstandinG...
Wisdom iz the Reflection of Self
yoU and I Verse for better UnderstandinG iz just Knowing that I am U and U am I in the U*N*I*verse
We are the All in All

KMT(IC) Slim: Heavy D & Michael Jackson Peaceful Journey/HeartBreak Hotel Mix (Video)

Wishing yoU A Peaceful Journey...

( ( (From the KMT(IC) Slim Presents: 

Archangel Michael Jackson Mixtape) ) )


Black and White by RaSun & Quamin (Audio)

UPS (Dunc of DTMD Remix) by Boog Brown (Single)

Boog Brown was named to iTunes Best New Hip-Hop Artists alongside Nicki Minaj, Drake, B.O.B., now she is getting ready to release a follow up to the smash hit debut album produced by Apollo Brown. December 20th a full length redux entitled The Brown Study Remixes will be released on cd and digitally by Mello Music Group featuring all new production, bonus tracks, and cover art. This is a purely collector's edition pairing Boog with some of the undergrounds most noteworthy producers. To get people ready, Boog is giving away the first single, UPS, remixed by DTMD's beatsmith Dunc.

 Heavy Rotation...
Don't Sleep on this one!!!

RaSun ft The Minister ~ Womban (Single)

album and band name

Beside Every Great Womban, Should Be A Man That Got Her Back
Ready 2 Fight & Die For Her, Live uP Right For Her ~ 'Til Then Imma Just Write For Her...

BamaLoveSoul Presents Anthony Hamilton: The Hamilton Project ((Mixtape))

"This year alone Anthony Hamilton has had a decent amount of "unreleased" tracks materialize on various outposts on the information superhighway. We've decided to compile and share those with you. Enjoy! " ~BamaLoveSoul



SavioUR Self (LivinG Ma'athematics/Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Self iz the ONLY Saviour...
Saviour iz one possessing the power of God and uses it to Resurrect the people, after first Saving Self and who saves All who want to be saved and added onto Self. 
Self iz the True Reality of One, be it man or woman.

19 vibrates to 1 (1+9=10/1). It is the alpha omega number because 1 (KnowLedge) iz the beginning and 9 (Born) iz the completion. 1 leads the 9 on a Spiritual and Artistic path. Though independent & ambitious itz power lies in the number 9 in helping and Elevating others.

KnowLedge of Self comes from going from KnowLedge to Born in a process of Self Discovery. If yoU complete a task from start to finish (a marathon, academic degree, etc.) yoU go from KnowLedge to Born, and Know that your True Self has Known how to do it and was capable of doing it All along.

Heru & Set
The Struggle between the Higher Self and the lower self ~

KMT(IC) Slim's 1~*~9...Self SaviOur ((Mixtape))

With The Ability to SET mySELF Free... 
Free Download >Here< 
Sirius Times ~ Everybody Gotta Story...Make KnowLedge Born to Save Self....
Salute to all the Self SaviOurs 1~*~9 and Everyone making the Change they wanna Cee in the World!!


Statik Selektah "Play The Game" ft. Big K.R.I.T. & Freddie Gibbs (Video)

KMT(IC) Slim Presents: The God MC ~ Rakim Allah ((Mixtape))

The 18th Meets The 3rd... 
( ( (The God MC ~ Rakim Allah) ) ) 

My name iz Rakim Allah and R & A stands for Ra
Switch it around ~ it still comes out R
So easily will eYe E M C E E
My repitition of wordz iz Check out my Melody
Some Bass and Treble iz moist, scratchin' and cuttin' a voice
And when itz mine thatz when the rhyme iz alwayz choice
eYe would'na came and said my name and run da same weak s*!t
Puttin' blurz and slurz and wordz that don't fit 
in a Rhyme, whY waste time on da microphone
eYe take this more Sirius than just a poem
Rock from party 2 party, backyard 2 yard
Now tear it uP y'all and Bless da mic 4 the Godz

Righteous ~ Right ~ Ruler (Reflectionz)

Right iz the Proper Nature of Things & People

A Ruler iz the Measure of All Things
A Ruler has KnowLedge to 8uild so that Right and eXactness iz Born into the U*N*I*verse

Check out more of this Incredible Art @ http://www.ramomart.com/
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