DJ M-Rock ~ The Best of The Notorious B.I.G. ((Mixtape))

The Notorious B.I.G. vs. Lana Del Rey: Born Ready To Die ((Mixtape))

Terry Urban links up with DopeCouture to present his latest project, Born Ready To Die, a tribute to the 15 year anniversary of Christopher Wallace’s death. Taking music from Lana Del Rey’s Born To Die(remixed and resampled) and Lyrics from Biggie’s Ready To Die. 

Sha Stimuli Speaks On Writing His First Book (Video)

Sha speaks on his 1st book, The Toilette Papers: The #1 Number 2 Book

Torae ~ For The Record [Prod. By DJ Premier] (Video)

Official music video for the title track off Torae's album 
"For The Record". Available now

je$us ~ down ((Single))

Headnodic ~ "Cough Drop" feat. Raashan Ahmad (Video)

From "Red Line Radio", the debut album from Crown City Rockers' and 
The Mighty Underdogs' producer HEADNODIC

?uestlove’s Soul Train Tribute (Video)

DJ Nu-Mark Ft. Bumpy Knuckles ~ Dumpin’ Em All (Video)

Dumpin' Em All featuring Bumpy Knuckles. Taken from 
DJ Nu-Mark's Broken Sunlight available from Hot Plate Records.

Jefferson Price ~ They Follow [Prod. By J57] ((Single))

Kennedy Price ~ Rigamortis (Stage 2) (Video)

Nick Javas ~ They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) Freestyle ((Single))

DJ Noodles ~ Once Upon A Time In Brooklyn (Biggie Smalls Edition) ((Mixtape))

If ya missed it check this older mix by DJ Noodles

The Notorious B.I.G... March 9th (Reflectionz/T.R.O.Y.)

5*21*1972 ~ 3*9*1997

"Stay Far From Timid, 
Only Make Moves When Your Hearts In It,
And Live The Phrase Sky's The Limit."

Jay Electronica ~ The Ghost of Christopher Wallace ((Audio/Lyrics))

The game ain't been the same since B.I.G. died...

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