The 2nd joint from Prim-Roc (Dj Premier & Sa-Roc) 
16 verses 16 Primo tracks!

The illest seed since before all hiphop was bought for dollar bills and a shoe deal with reebok. Im ewok, you stormtrooper bring down your empire, dire need has stoked a fire heat to blaze your entire catalogue is digitized im analog like badu doing well since I made it thru hell and back, so how u? Im Black rose from out the concrete garden. Beauty from the belly of the beast so beg your pardon, ive earned the right speak the truth from out my speech organ. Im exhausted from imposters running mouths attention whoring. Pouring saccharin over reality cuz bitterness is foreign to em. My authenticity like lasers straight boring through em. Cut deep like the mines of Minolta picture this. This gospel turn the heathens to the G.O.s scripture this. A new age is dawning time to heed my warning spawning mensas out the dumb deaf and blind, yall get hip to this.


The third joint from Prim-Roc (Dj Premier & Sa-Roc) 
16 verses 16 Primo tracks!

Did every black man sell crack, do a bid? Have 4 or 5 women on deck at the crib? Chop blow, cop dough, across state lines, enough heat to catch a fire to their waistline. Its funny how the real king pins state penning, reformed crack dealers turned rappers straight winning. Make a million off a cats name and trademark it. Notoriety's the formula to game profit. Tell a lie and shirk the blame is the new m.o., but let me tell how the consequences really go. Boy sees his hero go from ashy to classy, from trap house to mansion the streets to the hamptons, he hype cause he gullible sell a bag another one. illusion you have sold him keeps his conscience from troubling him. Ass out he keeps his pad out for writing rhymes in, his paper bag stashed in the bush to keep his dimes in.

EPMD ~ Business Never Personal 20th anniversary (Classic Material)

 2Dayz Maath: July 28, 2012
The 20th anniversary of EPMD's 4th album, Business Never Personal




8Ball ~ What's The Rush (Video)

8Ball - What's The Rush [Director's Cut] off his Premro mixtape
Directed by Maurice @SupaStishun & Duprano
Push Management

Venomous2000 ~ A Little Bit Of Heaven & Hell (produced by DefDom)

Produced by DefDom 
Classic throwback
A little self expression from Venomous2000 
Two sides of a story! Downloadable for the next 2 weeks only!!

Jay-Z & Kanye West: Watch The Throne Tour ep.9 (Video)

Kanye West VOYR: The Garden

Planet VI (6) ~ The American Nightmare (Video)

Jay Electronica ~ Act II: The Patents Of Nobility (Tracklist)

Jay Electronica just released an image of the album’s tracklist on Twitter 
every magic trick consists of three parts...
... The Pledge: where the magician shows you something ordinary; a bird, a deck of cards or a man.
The Turn: Where the magician takes the ordinary something and does something #Extraordinary
The Prestige: this is the part with the twists and turns, where lives hang in the balance, and you see something shocking you've never seen before.


check the tracklist below

Killah Priest ~ The Park (Digital Dynasty 21 Exclusive)

An exclusive, set to drop on Tha Advocate x BallerStatus.com's Digital Dynasty 21 mixtape, and Killah Priest's upcoming "The Psychic World of Walter Reed LP" as well

Maxx Julian ~ PYRAMID EP ((Instrumentals))

Produced by Maxx Julian for Other Side Music Group/H&H Entertainment 
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered @ THE CUTTING ROOM 
Cuts by DJ M2
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