Tall Black Guy ~ Mini Therapy Chops (Instrumentals)

This album is a continuation on the Therapy Chops theme. "Sweet Europe" and "Love to The World" are tracks that I made in late 2011. They have recieved great reviews worldwide.

Sh!t Detroit N*ggas Say by ComedianCP (Comedy)

What uP Doe!!

Signif ~ "Soul Clap" (Video)

“Soul Clap” is the 2nd visual release from Signif’s Embracing Rejection LP
Available for free download at signif.bandcamp.com/

KMT(IC) Slim: 1~*~9...Black Dot Goin' From KnowLedge To Born (Video)

Black Dot Goin' In...

Be sure and Grab the Saving HER Essence Mixtape


Estelle ~ Thank You (rmx) f. Busta Rhymes ((Single))

Got 2 Go Thru Love & Hell 2 Come Out Right...

Atmosphere ~ Became (Video)

From October 2011 to January 2012 a music video was collaboratively made for the song "Became" by Atmosphere. The goal was to create an engaging educational experience with students as the focal point. The result, a collaboration story with The Minnesota School of Business, MTS Digital Media Academy, Rhymesayers Entertainment, Visumm Media, Alex Horner Pictures, Hickey Photography, Hanson Creative Group, Justin Staggs, Jeremy Wanek, Tom Okins, Nick Mihalevich, and Cinequipt.

Cormega Introduces M.A.R.S [Mega,Action Bronson,Roc Marci,Saigon]

Nu SuperGroup M.A.R.S

Twista ~ They Want EFX Re~style

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