Blue Pill ~ Lil Xan Disrespect of Tupac and Why The Youth Think So Different Now (Video Build) (@blackmagik363)

The Notorious B​.​I​.​G. ~​*​~ It Was ALL A DREAM (​(​1​~​*​~​9​ Mixtape)​) (@KMTicSlim)

~*~ It Was ALL A Dream ~*~ 

5/21/1972 ~ 3/09/1997 

LEGENDS never Die


S. Ali Myers ~ 7 Ways to Tap Into Spirit (Video Build) @salimyers

There are countless ways to tap into Spirit or connect with your higher self, Universe and Creator. In this video I share some common and uncommon ways to tap into spirit for the sake of evolving your consciousness, Light and overall spiritual growth and development.
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