Kalik Scientific ~ Rise Of The Phoenix King ((ALBUM))

Kalik Scientific says you have been spiritual longer than you have been physical therefore it should be 1st nature to you. Spirituality is simply being spirit so we are all spiritual regardless of our awareness. You don't need to sit at the feet of a guru to be what you are just like you didn't need to learn to become physical. 


John Graham ~ Magic: Blanc Et Noir (A Visual Mémoire)

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Ego Free Music Group proudly presents: Magic: Blanc et Noir (A Visual Mémoire). This "Musicmentary" takes you behind the veil and uncovers the many layers of the man behind the music. If you didn't know who John Graham was before seeing this, then you will be properly acquainted after this groundbreaking visual experience.

This audio visual journey directed and edited by Mark AH of Crescendo Productions whisks you through 14 tracks of pure musical wizardry and gives you an insiders viewpoint of the motivations behind every lyric. Coupled with interviews, and performances you'll undoubtedly fall under the spell of the Ego Free Magician himself.

Sit back and get your popcorn ready because this is unlike any other musical experience you've ever encountered. We now bring to you, Magic: Blanc et Noir (A Visual Mémoire)

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