The BrotherShip by Kaimbr ((Mixtape/Instrumentals))

Celebrating 40 years since the Release of Led Zepplins "Mothership" album. Reworked in a Rock meets Hip Hop, Kaimbr brings insane chops with heavy drums. Ideas inspired by Past Loud Record Exec, Kris Ramson. Kris provided vocal co production on *Katrina* and *Brothership* Kaimbr really digs deeps to pay homage to the great band Led Zepplin. Hope you Enjoy. #kragenoff

Sadat X ~ Here I Am ((Single))

Produced by Mike The Martyr

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Unorthodox Ambition ~ God Hop Confederation, Kalik Scientific, Kil Ripkin ((Single))

We are excited to promote the new God Hop Confederation track "Unorthodox Ambition" featuring Kalik Scientific and Kil Ripkin. Please add this in rotation and let us blast this energy out into the universe. Let us continue to expand the God Hop family and spread the legends of the future. Through great music we live forever.

yours truly,

Jesse Boykins III ~ Light To Dark (Video)

eYe Cee things different Light towards Dark, 
Culture Creator eYe make it with my Heart...

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