wil madden ( hip hop essense ) ~ the only girl i ever loved ( (instrumentals) )

S M O O T H ! ! !

all recordings fair use non for profit 

1~*~9 (Reflectionz/KnowLedge.Born)

Shout out to NU-BEING sm. ART

1~*~9...Self SaviOur 

ILLumiNati ConGo ~ I'M ALIVE NOW (Physical Immortality) JAHN

I am alive now, therefore my LIFE URGE is stronger than my death urge. As long as I continue strengthening my Life Urge and weakening my death urge, I will go on living in increasing health and youthfulness forever!

JD Era & Kardinal Offishall ~ Mercy Freestyle (Video)

Realysm ~ M.A.A.N. (Much Ado About Nothing) Prod. by Shade Cobain (Video)

Welcome to the first visual from the acclaimed introduction album "The Art of SirRealysm EP" by Realysm. Walk with Realysm as he takes you through a satirical stroll through the streets of Philadelphia. The Hezekiah directed visual encourages the viewer to not take life so seriously and to not get so caught up in the imagery of what is normally portrayed in music videos. After all most of them are truly making Much Ado About Nothing (M.A.A.N.).
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