Chi Bey ~ Church (@ChiBey13)

Nina Simone & Lauryn Hill ~ Feeling Good ((Stream)) (@AmerigoGazaway)

With his latest Soul Mates Project, Amerigo Gazaway imagines a studio session between The High Priestess of Soul, Nina Simone, and living legend, Lauryn Hill. Continuing the “collaborations that never were” theme of his previous releases, the producer seamlessly connects the dots between Hip-Hop and the genre’s predecessor, Soul. 

POP Buchanan ~ I Love My Ancestors (Video) (@POPBuchanan) #AncestralDrums

Brooklyn Lyricist, and former Jaz-O protege, POP Buchanan drops his second video “I Love My Ancestors” from his Boom Bap instant classic compilation “Ancestral Drums.” Produced by Jon Kandy, “I Love My Ancestors” pays tribute to the ancestral legacy of the Black Diaspora, Civil Rights Movement, and African Migration. This heartfelt yet hard-hitting track is dedicated to POP Buchanan’s late grandfather and dad, Earl “Kazembe” Ferguson and Raymond “Rocky” Buchanan. Shot by Shotti, this is the conclusion of the video for “The Promise Land”. POP Buchanan stays true to Hip Hop, love, God, and legacy on “I Love My Ancestors”.
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