Spoken Word Of The Week: Society! (Video)

Only The Strong Have A Mind Of Their Own...

Kendrick Lamar ~ Keisha's Song (Her Pain) (fan Video)

yU ~ Blind (produced by Kev Brown) ((Single))

eYe may not say NoThing, but u better believe that I'm Listening 2 the sound of your Vibration with my Mind...

The Earn goes on sale one week early exclusively on iTunes at midnight tonight.

SA-ROC: "FLAWLESS" (original woman) Produced by: SOL MESSIAH ((Audio/Lyrics))

‎"FLAWLESS"(the original woman)
My mommy told me that I was a shining star. A bright light sort of a beacon amidst the dark. She stood me in front of mirrors and made me look at myself. Not at what they said I was but what I truly are. I couldn’t see the beauty I just saw a jagged scar. A high yellow short nappy headed flower wall. I meant to say wallflower pardon the slip of the tongue. bearin
g your soul has never been a gift of the young. So I remained alien. Never inside the margins. Navigating treacherous roads without a compass. It’s hard for ghetto children to survive the world conscious their fairy tales is filled with poisonous apples and monsters. we shrank so we wouldn’t be the next set of targets. That’s how a diamond dulls after starting flawless. Absolutely flawless.

Five Steez feat Nomad Carlos ~ Wanna Be Free ((Single))

(Cuts by Bobby Bob) (Prod by DJ King Flow) ... A Special Leak off the Debut Album, 'War for Peace'

Mr. Green "Live from the Streets" Shanghai (Video)

"For this episode we wanted to do something
completely different so I used a bunch of footage that
I shot using two cheap handheld cameras while i was in
Shanghai earlier this year. First, I chopped up the sounds I
got from a construction site near Taikang Lu . Next, I added
some audio I recorded of the Chinese army marching by
on Huaihai Lu. After that I put in the sound of a little bird
chirping. Then, I put in a short clip of some music I got off
of a karaoke bicycle (which is something you can find very
often in Shanghai). Next, since it wouldn't be a Mr. Green
beat without some hard hitting drums and a baseline, I
threw those in there. Finally, I recorded the sound of
a pirate who was encouraging me to chug my beer
in front of the Shelter (which is probably the
dopest venue I've ever performed at) and
scratched him into the beat.

-Mr. Green

Statik Selektah & Termanology: Play Your Role feat Reks ((Single))

Nu Statik Selektah and Termanology (better known as 1982) album at the top of the year

The Roots undun iTunes App

The un(dun) app is a companion piece to the The Roots 2011 (Island Def Jam) release "undun". Through the use of photos, lyrics, a series of interviews and music video vignettes, the app provides an immersive experience that elucidates the life and times of one Redford Stephens (1974-1999), a complex youth who struggles to define himself within a troubled inner city milieu and dies in the process.

***App is free for a limited time***

Undun drops tomorrow...pre order >here<
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