SA-ROC PREEM-ROC (Dj Premier & Sa-Roc) : "SPACE REBEL"

I am - space rebel with the pedal to the metal black listed cuz Im causing brain shifts with every melo-dy. Incredible that they cant recognize the god in front of em. Birthing suns and earths with my verses vs devils on the battle lines. Im shepherd and these rap cats my flock- form the cattle lines. Trust me when this thing is over I'll be canonized and sinners will invoke me with their candle fire. Im that fire. burn down Babel with my tongue game from lunes to Sunday. One day we gon get free from brooklyn to out Burundi. Please excuse me I don't get hyper about a rack but I will get amped when u talk about taking status back. Cuz u aint really seen a aboriginal man til you seen a clean Moorish individual man. Im talking bout that red flag that green star that islam. Black saviours to the dark ages brought sages to Lisbon. And repaid with government aid and project housing aids and prison. Systematically eradicated by a jaded system. Im pissed off no wet wipe. Yous piss poor my set tight. Ill amaze you with harmonious tirades over my blessed mic. I'll Bust and break down stadiums to stages on my best nights.(wait 1 beat) Who else is effing with Hollywood cole? Im free agent and these players rocking Hollywood souls bought and Hollywood sold. Im uranium and yall light as hydrogen so.....YOU KNOW MY STEEZ

Nina B ~ What’s Eating You? (Video)

Mr. Green ~ Live From The Streets Season 2 Ep.1 (Video)

For this episode we went to Rittenhouse Square in Philly where we bumped into Kevin Brown. Kevin is a veteran street performer that has earned his stripes traveling across the country via freight train. He played us an original song and then told us a couple stories from the road. After that we went back to the lab and made a beat out of a piece of Kevin's song. Finally, we got Malik B from the Roots to spit a verse on the beat. 
This is a special song because it's the first time Malik B has ever been in a solo music video. 

To download the track for free, click this link:
Mr. Green featuring Malik B, Kevin Brown & Sunwun
"Live in the Streets"

Killah Priest & Okwerdz ~ Elevator Cypher (Video)

13th installment of The Freestyle Vault featuring Killah Priest & myself freestyling in an elevator at The Unseen Asylum in Stockton, CA. Beat produced by Chase Moore & Hippie Sabotage

Sean Price ~ STFU Pt 2 (Video)

Mic Tyson October 30th… 

9th Wonder Announces Albums With Buckshot & Murs (Video)

9th Wonder & Buckshot 'The Solution' out Nov. 13th on Jamla/Duck Down Music Inc.

Murs & 9th Wonder 'The Final Adventure' out Nov. 13th on It's A Wonderful World Music Group/Traffic Entertainment/KGMG


Instrumental by Yeezy taught me, bars by Reezy fought me

Torae ~ Rap Average

Music The Immortal J Dilla, Bars The Incomparable Torae


PART 3 of 3 concludes the EL NEGRO GUERRERO "UNMIXED" SAMPLER! We're anticipating a January 2013 RELEASE! In the mean time LOOK OUT for Wise Intelligent's NEW VIDEO and SINGLE "I SAID IT" COMING SOONER! Follow on twitter @ http://www.twitter.com/wiseintelligenthttp://www.wiseintelligent.com
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