The Narcicyst ~ Leap Of Faith EP

The Narcicyst returns with his new fresh sound, leaping into horizons and music he's never shared before. This new 6-track EP contains some of his most personal content yet, speaking on jumping over the hurdles of independence in music and life that you are bound to relate to. As the seminal release on The Medium, his multimedia arts label and culture brand, Narcy has teamed up with his listeners to create an 'art and action project' entitled the Leap Up. He is asking people to log into the tumblr page and add their work, music, writing, photos, art and videos to engage directly with the public. He will be releasing extra bonus tracks, as well as accapellas for producers to remix as the process grows. Log in now and be a part of the #Leapers and the Illuminarcy family. Each one, reach one, teach one, tweet one.

Erykah Badu Live New Year’s Eve 2012 A.D.


Off Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors 
available 12/11/12.

The Coup ~ "Your Parents' Cocaine" (Video)

"Your Parents' Cocaine" by The Coup from the new album 'Sorry To Bother you,' out Now

7evenThirty ~ Akapelah (Video)

7evenThirty "Heaven's Computer" Available Now!

Madlib Medicine Show: The Aftermath (Video)

Madlib, Freddie Gibbs, J Rocc and Egon, have recently wrapped up 2012's Madlib Medicine Show dates in the US, Europe, Russia and Australia, one of which is hazily captured in in this video by Mochilla's Eric Coleman.

Yamin Semali ~ Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1 ((InstruMentals))

Atlanta-based emcee/producer Yamin Semali of rap duo Clan Destined presents Yen Dollar Music Vol. 1, an album of self-produced instrumentals.
He has compiled 20 instrumentals for volume one, with other volumes to include compilations from various artists in Hip Hop’s global community. As half of Clan Destined, Yamin aka DJ AmDex has been tied to releases going back to Shaman Work Recordings (Ta’Raach, Wale Oyejide, CL Smooth) and has more recently been working alongside Illastrate, Boog Brown, and J-Live to name a few. 

Craig G ~ Effortless f. Chaundon & Rapper Big Pooh (prod. Jake One)

MC Craig recruits Chaundon & Rapper Big Pooh to assist him on this Jake One produced banger "Effortless"

Funky DL ~ NANE ((Album))

NANE is the 14th official studio album from Funky DL and this album bleeds “hip-hop” throughout. That may seem a strange thing to say about a hip-hop album by a hip-hop artist, but what is meant is that it seems the intention was to create an album that focuses on the “core” that is hip-hop and not all the sub genre’s and the sometimes tiresome possibilities that come with them. 

Although NANE is indeed very musical and has a hint of jazz, it doesn’t carry the in-depth jazz swing of DL’s 2011 effort “Blackcurrent Jazz 2”. But this is what makes it superbly refreshing. The ability for any artist to step away from the style of preceded works is a brave and bold move by any standard. The key in it being executed successfully is for the artist to understand why the departure is necessary and what could creatively come from it.
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