DJ Dub Floyd, Ghostface Killah & Raekwon ~ Iron Sharpens Iron: Redux ((Mixtape))

‘IRON SHARPENS IRON: REDUX’ features one the deadliest duos in Hip Hop. GHOSTFACE KILLAH as Tony Starks bka IRON MAN and RAEKWON as Rhodey bka WAR MACHINE! We stuck with a similar formula to the last… current records, throwback records, blends etc… but we also wanted to take on a different approach this time around, so we reached out to some of Hip Hop’s illest producers to put their spin on some choice Rae and Ghost bangers. Notable producers like Khrysis, Numonics, D.R.U.G.S. Beats, Marcotiks and DJay Cas to name a few.

J Dilla ~ Trucks

Both “Anthem” and “Trucks” were produced, and feature complete vocal performances, by Dilla. The tracks come straight from multi-track masters found on 2-inch tape shortly after Dilla’s passing in 2006. These songs have been mixed by engineer Dave Cooley, who worked extensively with Dilla during his years in Los Angeles. Using Dilla’s original demo mixes as his guide, Cooley attempted to finalize Dilla’s vision for these tracks, while keeping all of the elements that Dilla had in place in his original demos present.
12-inch clear vinyl out now Pay Jay Productions, followed in 2013 by the long-lost album THE DIARY. rappcats.com/shop/jdilla-anthem/

Crate Diggers: DJ Babu's Vinyl Collection

Crate Diggers profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, with owners displaying and telling the stories behind their collections.

In this episode, Dilated Peoples and World Famous Beat Junkies member DJ Babu talks about his love of country western music and hitting up flea markets in Brazil with Cut Chemist and J. Rocc


“I’ve always loved the ‘Intro’ on Disc Two of Wu-Tang Forever – this erie sample with no beat, that they only talked over. I stumbled on the original sample while crate digging one day, took it straight to the lab and added drums. The feel is definitely gritty, hard and sounds like a Wu record, so out of inspirational respect, we included 
featuring ‘The Spirit of the Wu’ in the song title.” ~Posdnuos


Illuminati Congo & Dmn OLoGy ~ Lotus Hedron (@illuminaticongo)

Sacred Geometrical Rap

ILLuminati Congo ~ Ye Are Gods (@illuminaticongo)

Ye are Gods!!!
1~*~9 Self.SavioUrs workin out our own salvation 1~*~9

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