How To Magnetize Drinking Water PART 2 (Video Build)

This video will teach how to use a pair of magnets under a cup or bottle to magnetize drinking water or DDW water(pyramid water) Magnetize water for your plants, pets, elderly, and bath water! Magnetized water has been found to PREVENT BEDSORES. Soak in a tub of magnetized water.Use a pair of ceramic magnets inside your tub. Place at base of tub, directly under the facet on bottom of tub. As the tub fills, the magnets will magnetize the water.

Knxwledge. ~ Makeitliveforever (@Knxwledge)

"makeitliveforever" from the album 1988

MF DOOM x Konducta Beats ~ HIP HOP DOOMINATION (REMIXES) ((Stream))

Ol’ Dirty Bastard and the Legacy of 'Return to the 36 Chambers’ Mini-Doc (Video) #OlDirtyBastard #AsonUnique #WuTangClan #WuTang

Amazon Music celebrates the 25th anniversary of Ol’ Dirty Bastard’s landmark debut solo album with "Unique: 'Return to The 36 Chambers' 25 Years Later". Released March 28th, 1995 this documentary traces ODB’s rise from unsigned hype to household name, exploring key moments in the rapper’s life and the music that defined his debut solo record – from ‘Shimmy Shimmy Ya’ to ‘Brooklyn Zoo.’

Rio Thomas ~ Lo​-​Life EP (Prod. _loprofile) ((Stream)) (@RioThomas93)

"A fresh body of work by _loprofile and I. I'm really proud of this project. It's refreshing and different, true, and honest. It's gotta dirty, yet clean feel and I love it. I hope ya'll enjoy. Peace and Love." ~ Rio Thomas

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