KMT(IC) Slim ~ 9/2010... Back 2 School ((Mixtape))

Might as well share this T.I.M.E.Less AncientFuture Classic too
KMT(IC) Slim went in on this 1 4sure
Do the 1...
or listen/stream below

KMT(IC) Slim ~ 07/2010...Mid Summer Classic ((Mixtape))

Was Bumpin' this AncientFuture K. Slim mix 2day...A few years old, but we had to share this Mid Summer Classic with the rest of Da World. Took me back #2010His~Story
Kick Back, Relax, Do the KnowLedge & InJoY 
or listen/stream below

TiRon & Ayomari ~ Thing Go Right (Video)

From their debut album "A Sucker For Pumps" available Now

Columbia Nights ~ Make Some Room

While their tunes have graced pop, R&B and smooth jazz radio for decades, Sade's music has always been out of the box and ahead of its time. "Make Some Room" was the B-side of their 1988 single "Nothing Can Come Between Us", and a recent discovery of ours. Unlike most of the band's music, this track features the group's production in the foreground while lead singer Sade Adu's sparse, sultry vocals complement the soundscape. Like any great song worth covering, this track provided an intriguing palette that compelled us to put some paint where it ain't-- with a little help from Vaughan Octavia on the vocals and Brother Spanky on percussion.

Mara Hruby ~ Alright (Video)

"You must allow yourself to be free to experience life and light in its purest form. Close your eyes and feel your inner passion, let it generate powerful inspiration to further enhance what your soul tells you to do." ~ Mara Hruby

Art imitates real life... (Reflectionz/T.R.O.Y)

“Its strange that the video I posted a few days back referring to the actors that people follow in real life. Here is the clip of LiL Wayne’s new video with 12 skeletons dead in the movie theatre while they cover their ears. Art imitates real life.”

This video dropped July 17th 2012

 Condolences to the victims and families in Colorado


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