AP2P (All Power to the People) ~ "THE GHOST OF..." (Video)

Taken from the AP2P's "All Power To the People" album.
Produced by AP2P.
Directed, animated and illustrated by Davide DoctorGonzo Zetti.
Lyrics: M1
Music: Bonnot
Im the ghost of Emmett Till
The Mu-hu-ha-ha Mau Mau
Boogie Monster creeping through your window with the pow-pow
Fright Night, Zombie in the daylight
Werewolf hanging from the tree in the moonlight (HOWL)
Strange fruit
Candyman in a Thriller suit
Amerikkas nightmare, Blackman bullet proof
bite your jugular with my fang tooth
homie hang loose
Fresh kill like a violated gang truce
Frankenstein, my indoctrinated mind full of war stories...Goree
Like an Island full Africans enslaved,
an ocean full of graves
Scary like Pet Cemetery
Pig badge on a klan robe
Nuclear radiation make the damn globe explode
Mother Earth is now a jack-o-lantern
The government is the phantom.

Lupe Fiasco ~ Bitch Bad (Video)

Edo.G. Ft. Born & G Dot ~ AN-GO (Video)

Produced by @WizardBeats Directed by DU Films From the upcoming compilation Nights & Weekends Dropping Digitally Soon


We got Boy Jones (Ol’ Dirty Bastard‘s son) back in the studio this week.
Here's the Demo of a song we did last summer called "Just Can't Get It RIght" ~RZA


Zodiac’s self-titled EP is due out Sept. 24

Dwele ~ What You Gotta Do feat. Raheem Devaughn

Dwele’s Greater Than One arrives August 28.


They cant stand me cause they don't understand me. My eloquence repellant to the industry's standards I'm candid like a camera lens no airbrush or touchups im hard body with no bum shots or pushups I got the world shook up w my pen game got star seeds with fez caps from harlem to Brisbane. I'm big brained. top heavy. You a rock star now I'm rock steady with a mic and a crown just call me brown betty. Like shabazz imma offer you salaams, then im dictating rhymes like Hussein al saddam. Quote sertima with certainty I'm one amongst a clan, sharing bloodlines and surnames with moors from alham. One line will make believers out the naysayers. The throne is mine all these dummy rappers place savers. Royal pedigree imbedded with literary rebels, this is war let my verses be your safe haven

Black Moon ~ Shit’s Gonna Happen Tonite (Unreleased)

Unreleased track from 1999, Black Moon’s “Shit’s Gonna Happen Tonite” 
produced by Da Beatminerz.

Killer Mike ~ Untitled (Video)

Killer Mike and Scar star in a series of art historical tableaus.

Director: Benjamin Dickinson

Guy Sebastian Ft. Lupe Fiasco ~ Battle Scars (Video)

Although 'Battle Scars' was premiered in Australia earlier this month on YouTube most people were unable to view the visual, but today the new music video has surfaced again. After Guy Sebastian's 'Battale Scars' featuring Lupe Fiasco collaboration reached #1 in Australia Lupe has decided to use the track as his next single for 'Food & Liquor 2: The Great American Rap Album Pt. 1'.
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