Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker ~ Great Ones Too (Video)

Cymarshall Law & Mr. Joeker - Great Ones Too
from the album Hip Hop in the Soul 2 - available now! @

Ta-ku ~ "Diamond Mouth" (Video)

Off of the album RETWERK by Ta-ku 
DL link- ta-ku.me/

Kanye West ~ White Dress (Alternate Version)

RZA releases an alternate mix of Kanye’s “White Dress”
off The Man With The Iron Fists soundtrack.

Jay-Z ~ Dead Presidents (Live @ Barclays Center) (Video)

JAY Z performs "Dead Presidents" and "Can I Live?" 
live from the opening concert series for Barclays Center.

Von Pea ~ Things Have Changed

Off of the Von Pea & Aeon EP "Duly Noted" coming soon.

André 3000 Speaks On T.I., “Sorry” & Movember (Video)

MWill ~ As Above | So Below: An Instrumental Odyssey ( (InstruMentals) )

   MWillThe son of the legendary Marley Marl  releases his new instrumental album 

Welcome to the ancient lands of the esoteric. Compiled by samples from The Alan Parsons Project, As Above | So Below is an ode to the mystic past of the Ancient Near East and its correlation to our inner most sacred principles among and throughout the history of human craftsmanship. The real knows the deal.  Includes exclusive mixes created by MWill featuring dialogue by Lords of the Underground, Tragedy Khadafi, Carl Sagan, Robert Richard Hieronimus and Sun Ra. Enjoy.

or listen below

Saheed ~ I Go On (Prod. by Numonics)

"I Go On" is the first single from the collaborative album "Not For Nothing" from South Florida's Saheed & Numonics.

Rome Clientel ~ My Inner War (Video)

This is the first video off Rome Clientel's latest release, The Empire 2: The Battlegrounds EP, which was sponsored by DJ Booth. The track was produced by Kount Fif (of the Swashbucklers/Man Bites Dog Records). Video shot and edited by Jeremiah Harvey.

Mr. Green Ft. Edwin De La Rosa, Taylor Fleming, Pace Won & Vinnie Paz ~ "Bikes Make Crazy Sounds" (Video)

The latest episode of Live From The Streets is unlike any other featuring more ambition, more souls, and more artists per measure than any other episode. From Jedi Mind Tricks to BMX, Mr. Green mixes magic in his lab. In his own words:

"This episode is different than anything we've done before because it's made from a collection of sounds we recorded over the last few months. First, we met up with Edwin De La Rosa at Union Square and filmed him making some sounds with his bike. We also talked about how you have to be kind of crazy to ride bmx. We then met Taylor Fleming and recorded her playing an original song on the mandolin. Next, we headed to Kearny, New Jersey to a Jedi Mind Tricks concert to film some clips of Vinnie Paz and Pace Won. First, we got Vinnie to do a call-and-response with the crowd and then we filmed Pace doing a simple drop. Finally, we took all the sounds back to the lab and made the beat 'Bikes Make Crazy Sounds."

 listen to the beat click here:

Crate Diggers: DJ Toomp’s Vinyl Collection (Video)

Crate Diggers profiles people with extraordinary vinyl record collections, with owners displaying and telling the stories behind their collections.

In this episode, DJ Toomp takes us on a tour of his record collection and talks about working with Jay-Z and the dangers of finding roach eggs in albums.

Realysm ~ RootofMyEvil

Realysm shares his outlooks on many things in this 4 minute plus track of pure lyricism. This track also serves as the intro to his upcoming project to be released in 2013. Until you understand every line spoken in this track you don't understand Realysm. An artist by all definitions of the word. Follow and Find Out. 

Canvas created by Philadelphia Legendary Roots Band ft Roy Ayers 
All vocals and dumb stupid word play by @Realysm

Tito Lopez & King I Divine ~ Options (Venting Session 7)

Tito Lopez drops brand new video "Options" (Venting Session #7)

Big Boi Talks Andre 3000 and More (Video)

Big Boi talks about it all to Ciph and Rosenberg

Atlantis Build ~ Knowledge Culture (Video)

This is a 8uild dealing with Daily Math on the Knowledge Culture Day!

8uild more with the God @ http://www.atlantisschool.blogspot.com/
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