Yanadameen Godcast w/ @LordJamar & @TheRealRahDigga ~ Flat Earth discussion: gravity vs density (Video Build)

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, segment 1 of 3 In this long awaited first segment of three, Lord Jamar & Rah Digga are joined by Jamar's physical brother, Reality, and special guest Bro. Sanchez. The topic is FLAT EARTH and the absurdity of believing we live on a SPINNING BALL that has water sticking to it.

Yanadameen Godcast season 2, segment 2 of 3 As we continue the discussion on the true reality of our world, the topic of GRAVITY is brought up by Digga who feels that it’s the same as DENSITY, Bro. Sanchez points out that though they are both EXPLANATIONS for the same thing, DENSITY doesn’t make some of the outrageous claims that GRAVITY makes, like the ability to make water stick to a ball, or have people stick to a globe upside down in Australia & China.

In the final segment, of this special episode, we continue our discussion with Bro. Sanchez as he continues to breakdown FLAT EARTH COSMOLOGY...Lord Jamar realizes this information will be controversial amongst some members of the NGE & issues a challenge for anyone to SHOW & PROVE their position through SCIENCE & not SCIENTISM.


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