Sa-Roc ~ The Sharecropper's Daughter ((Album Stream)) (@sarocthemc) #GodHop #HipHop

 New Sa-Roc!!!

Jhenรฉ Aiko: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert (Video) (@JheneAiko)


In this Tiny Desk (home) concert, R&B star Jhenรฉ Aiko coasts through an eight-song medley that plays like the ultimate nod to her legions of fans — fans who've been begging for a Tiny Desk for a long time.



Directed by HOUSE OF TUNES Pre-order the new album RED SUMMER send $20 cash app to $philmoreland


KMT(ic) Slim ~ 2020 3rd qtr ((1~*~9 Mixtape)) (@KMTicSlim)

Level 1

 Level 2

Level 3 

Liam Bailey feat. Black Thought ~ Champion (Remix) ((Stream))


Original version appears on the forthcoming Liam Bailey album “Ekundayo” out on Big Crown Records November 13th.


MELANIN MONDAY 133 feat RED PILLAR (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

Big Sean ft. Nipsey Hussle ~ Deep Reverence ((Stream)) (@BigSean #Detroit2 #RIPNIP)

Cambatta ~ Kovid 24 ((Stream)) (@Cambattamusic)

According to the medical science of optometry 20/20 Is a measurement that refers to your visual acuity, which is the clarity or sharpness of your vision. Synchronistically since 2020 started the entire world's perception of reality has been forever changed. So far, we are amidst what has been arguably the most paradigm shifting and devastating year experienced by modern man. Starting with the death of one of the greatest basketball players of all time Kobe Bryant along with his young daughter Gianna. This terribly unfortunate loss preceded the spread of a worldwide Kovid/Korona Pandemic panic of biblical portions only to be followed by the political anarchy and riots of the George Floyd death.


Blu & Exile ~ The Feeling (Video) (@HerFavColor x @ExileRadio)

Official Video for "The Feeling", the third single from Blu & Exile's new album 'Miles: From An Interlude Called Life'.

The Sacred Oath Of Vaughn Benjamin ((Stream)) #RIPVAUGHNBENJAMIN #AKAEBEKA

Vaughn Benjamin (August 13, 1969 - November 4, 2019) is said to have released 72 albums in his lifetime, most as lead singer for the band Midnite, others as Akae Beka. A few songs from a fraction of those albums were used to create this mix in honor of his birthday. If you are new to his music and you like what you hear, please do a deeper investigation of his catalog and purchase his music! Mix by Dutty Bookman



Malik B (In Loving Memory)

"It is with heavy hearts and tearful eyes that we regretfully inform you of the passing of our beloved brother and long time Roots member Malik Abdul Basit. May he be remembered for his devotion to Islam, his loving brotherhood and his innovation as one of the most gifted MCs of all time. We ask that you please respect his family and extended family in our time of mourning such a great loss." ~ The Roots


Lupe Fiasco & Kaelin Ellis ~ House (FULL EP) (@LupeFiasco @KaelinEllis)

Lupe Fiasco - HOMME MADE (feat. Virgil Abloh) (00:00) Lupe Fiasco - DINOSAURS (01:39) Lupe Fiasco - SLEDOM (feat. Crystal Torres & Graham Burris) (05:31) Lupe Fiasco - SHOES (feat. Virgil Abloh) (10:44) Lupe Fiasco - LF95 (17:32) New EP from Lupe Fiasco "House" available now


Blue Pill ~ 2020 Censorship and Rise of the Cosmic Serpent (Video Build) (@blackmagik363 @bluepillar44)

J. Cole ~ “Lewis Street” single ((Stream)) (@JColeNC)

“First 2 songs from "The Fall Off,” Cole said on Twitter. “No date for the album yet, taking my time, still finishing.”

Snoop Dogg And DMX Battle Head-To-Head On Verzuz

Questlove presents George Clinton Week: Part 2 #QuestosWreckaStow

Happy 79th Birthday to George Clinton!!


MELANIN MONDAY 129 "In Defense of Our Master Teachers” feat RED PILL (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

Nelson El ~ The Warning (Video) (@iamnelsonel #weherenow)

Nu video from Nelson El

Cambatta ~ LSD: Lunar Solar Duality ((Album)) (@Cambattamusic)

The album’s title is also an acronym for “Lunar Solar Duality,” alluding to the album’s dichotomy of light and dark conceptualizations and countless other polarizing and multi-entendre-latent compositions. Whether you have ever experienced LSD or not, this album is sure to impact anyone receptive and perceptive enough to take a dose.

Cambatta ~ LSD (Video) (@Cambattamusic)

LSD: Lunar Solar Duality out now

Professor Griff breaks his silence! (Video Build) (@blackmagik363 @GRIFFTHENME)

Urban X Podcast 115: Kanye's Harriet Tubman comments, Judge's son killed, and more (Video Build) (@Urbanx_nyc @TheBlackDot_) #UrbanXcellence #UrbanXNation

Pop Smoke ~ Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon ((Delux Album)) (@POPSMOKE10 #RIP)

Released on the day of what would have been the late rapper’s 21st birthday, this version comes with fifteen more songs.

A Questlove presentation Bootsy and Parliament live #QuestosWreckaStow

Westside Gunn ft. Benny The Butcher, Conway The Machine ~ Allah Sent Me (Video) (@WESTSIDEGUNN #GxFR)


Brother Panic ~ The Occult Technology of Power (VideoBuild) (@blackmagik363)

Black Thought ~ Thought vs Everybody (Video) (@blackthought)

“Thought vs Everybody” — The Visual Reckoning A Short Film directed by Rodney Passรฉ From the forthcoming Streams of Thought Vol. 3: Cane and Able from Black Thought and Sean C.

Blu & Exile ~ Miles ((Album)) (@HerFavColor x @ExileRadio)

2020 marks eight years since Blu & Exile's last full length album 'Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them'. Now in an effort to make up for lost time, the dynamic duo are back to drop the double album 'Miles: From An Interlude Called Life' ('Miles' for short). 

Jidenna, Bullish ~ Black Magic Hour (Video) (@Jidenna)

Joey Bada$$ - The Light (Video) (@joeyBADASS)


Apollo Brown x Che' Noir ~ As God Intended ((Album)) (@che_noir x @ApolloBrown)

The new album from Apollo Brown & Che’ Noir features Skyzoo, Blakk Soul, Planet Asia, Ty Farris, and Black Thought. 


Rapsody ft. PJ Morton & D Smoke ~ Afeni (Remix) ((Stream)) (@rapsodymusic)


Blue Pill ~ Beyonce's 'Black Is King' and The Mythology of the Ancient Ones (Video Build) (@blackmagik363 @bluepillar44)

Westside Gunn ~ Flygod Is An Awesome God II ((Album Stream)) (@WESTSIDEGUNN #GxFR)

Pop Smoke ~ Shoot For The Stars Aim For The Moon ((Album)) (@POPSMOKE10 #RIP)


Fabolous and Jadakiss battle head-to-head on Verzuz (Video)

Cambatta ~ Mic El JahXsun (Video) (@Cambattamusic)

Mic el jahXson is a hyperbolic, surrealistic, sonic soliloquy, which describes the legendary miracles and attributes of the late Musical Icon “Michael Jackson”. Cambatta uses tightly woven multi syllable rhyme sequences that rhymes exact with Michael Jackson for the entirety of this track which was produced by D Polo

From the album Cambatta "LSD: Lunar Solar Duality"


ETHAN HUNT ~ EARTH 2 ETHAN ((Album)) (#E2E @ethanh34)

"Elevation To Higher Astral Navigation Earth 2 Ethan is Inner G Music and Music is Life. Listen, In Joy the Vibe Elevate your Frequencies with My Story XXXIV % LXXXV" 
~ Ethan Hunt


Jon Connor Ft. Sister Tour ~ Black (Video) (@JonConnorMusic)

REASON ~ Field Nigga (Video) #TDE (@reasonTDE)

Napoleon Da Legend ~ Charles de Gaulle ((Album)) (@TeamNDL)

Napoleon Da Legend flexes his Bi-lingual skills by offer a French version and separate English version of each song.

Skyzoo ~ Milestones ((Stream)) (@skyzoo)

"The idea for this project came from me noticing the landscape of how fathers are represented in hip hop. Outside of Will Smith’s classic “Just the Two Of Us” and a handful of others, the majority of the records in hip hop that speak on fatherhood have a negative connotation. I wanted to change that narrative, as it’s not the only one that exists. Myself being a father, there are a ton of others like me who are engulfed in hip hop and are also 24 hour a day dads, whose kids mean the world to them. I wanted to showcase that. I started this project in August of 2019 as one song, and it grew into an entire project within a week, and I’ve been sitting on this idea since the summer/fall, waiting for Father’s Day weekend to come around. 

This is a conceptual EP, where each song is a story that holds hands with the ones before and after it, all about my life as a kid, growing up with my father always in my life, and how that’s now shaped me as a father myself. It’s named “Milestones”, after my son Miles, and also signifying the milestones that us dads reach in life as we grow into fatherhood. This project is solely about growing Up with a dad, being a dad, and the importance of it all. To all the fathers out here who are lovingly and actively doing the work, this one is for us." 

Ras_G ~ Raw Fruit Vol. 5 & 6 ((Album Stream)) (@Ras_G #RIP)

Ras_G, the prolific Los Angeles beat scene producer, had just turned in the newest edition of his “Raw Fruit” series before his untimely and tragic passing in 2019. This beat tape is the finished product delivered in exactly the fashion Ras intended its release and available for the first ever Ras G Day, 4/04/2020, dated in celebration of his production tool of choice, the Roland SP 404. 

Raw Fruit 5&6 is packed with more classic Ras_G signature lo fi boom bap instrumentals. “As far as words its pretty difficult to put it into words about the project or my brother. So lets just say We Will Keep The BASS BUMPIN! Like He wanted Us to!” 

- The Shorter Family, Ghetto Sci Fi Records & The Afrikan Space Program

staHHr ~ No Doubts ((Stream)) (@stahhr)

The 7:30 project was on the back burner until Crazy DJ Bazarro unearthed these songs, recorded in 2017 and 2018.

Blue Pill ~ The Hidden Meaning of The Coronal Ring of Fire Solar Eclipse on Father's Day (Video Build) (@blackmagik363 @bluepillar44)

Urban X Podcast 106: J. Cole vs Noname, NBA smart rings, Police reform (Video Build) (@Urbanx_nyc @TheBlackDot_) #UrbanXcellence #UrbanXNation


YG ~ FTP (Video) (@YG)

Streams of Thought presents "Let's Get Free" a Conversation with Stic of Dead Prez (Video Build) (@blackthought) #SOT

In this episode of Streams Of Thought, titled "Let’s Get Free", Tariq holds a thoughtful conversation with peer, and fellow MC, Stic of Dead Prez. Stic is someone who has always championed health, wellness and everything Red Black & Green, so this conversation couldn’t have come at a better time. Tariq and Stic discuss everything from what Dead Prez’s debut album means 20 years later, the origins of Stic RBG mindset, the Uhuru Movement and what exactly is Fit-Hop. Enjoy this beautiful and enlightening conversation and don’t forget to subscribe to the channel.

Blue Pill & Red Pill ~ Ice Cube Accused of Anti-Semitism, 'Candace Owens' Mentality, George Floyd Conspiracies (Video Build) (@blackmagik363 @KtlUniversity)


Th3rd 3y3 Friday #Value4Value #MagneticAttraction #CoronaRising #SexMAGIK (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

Dave Chappelle ~ 8:46

J.PERIOD Presents The Live Mixtape: Healing Edition (@jperiodBK)

Dame D.O.L.L.A ft. Raphael Saadiq ~ GOAT Spirit (Video) (@Dame_Lillard)

Spillage Village, EARTHGANG, JID ~ End of Daze ft. Jurdan Bryant, Mereba, Hollywood JB (Video) (@SpillageVillage)

Lil Baby ~ The Bigger Picture ((Stream)) (@lilbaby4PF)

Self Scientific ~ Selfish Pride ((Stream)) (@chaceinfinite x @DJKhalil @SelfScientific)

Urban X Podcast 104: Ice Cube, #BLM Donation money, NASCAR bans confederate flag (Video Build) (@Urbanx_nyc @TheBlackDot_) #UrbanXcellence #UrbanXNation


Thurz ~ No Mo ((Stream)) (@Thurzday)

Blu & Exile ft. Jacinto Rhines ~ Roots Of Blue ((Stream)) (@HerFavColor x @ExileRadio)

2020 marks eight years since Blu & Exile's last full length album 'Give Me My Flowers While I Can Still Smell Them'. Now in an effort to make up for lost time, the dynamic duo are back to drop the double album 'Miles: From An Interlude Called Life' ('Miles' for short). 
'Miles' is slated for a July 17th release (coincidentally the same day as their lauded debut 'Below The Heavens')


Rio Thomas ~ The Revolution Will Be Televised ((Stream)) (@RioThomas93)

Proceeds will help fund the fight against police brutality and racial inequality. 

Peace, Love & Light to all Black People, and all people who have been victims of oppression and abuse. 

Rest In Perfection.. 


Ramomar ~ The Science of the Soul Burning in The Celestial Heavens (Video Build) (@blackmagik363)

AS ABOVE so below (CeeMix) - Anthony David 
w/ Ra Omar

Cambatta ~ Bones of Osiris (Video) (@Cambattamusic)

Amidst the chaotic and perilous events currently shaking the globe, Cambatta presents “Bones of Osiris” an unapologetic, epigrammatic, street dissertation over a sinister composition produced by New York beatsmith Chup and the 2nd single to the upcoming album LSD dropping 7.21.2020.

KMT(ic) Slim ~ 2020 2nd qtr ((1~*~9 Mixtape)) (@KMTicSlim)

1~*~9  2020 
#KnowLedgeBorn #SavioURself 


Jim Jones ~ The People ((Stream)) (@jimjonescapo)

Aseer the Duke of Tiers & Celina Cordoba- The Death of George Floyd and What's Really Going On (Video Build) (@blackmagik363)

TH3RD 3Y3 TH3RSDAY "STOP & SMELL THE ROSES" feat RED PILL (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

NYOIL ~ Soul glow / March (Video) (@NYOIL)

In times such as these.. when our world has been up ended in the birth-cry of a new generation of freedom fighters, NYOIL returns to fire up the next generation of powerful voices with a new video and single called "Soul Glow" / March. We understand that this moment is not perfect, but in time it will be perfected and I believe in the next generation to push the discussion forward and make a better day for us all. To all my young people.. just know that NYOIL believes in you and will stand by you always!!

Apollo Brown x Che' Noir ~ '94 ((Stream)) (@che_noir x @ApolloBrown)

“As God Intended” coming July 10th on Mello Music Group

Thurz ~ LOOTIN (Video) (@Thurzday)

Sa-Roc: Tiny Desk (Home) Concert (Video) (@sarocthemc)


MULTIPLY (Rebel Diaz x Tef Poe) ~ Leaders and Shooters (w/ Sa-Roc, Bambu, T-Dubb-O, Rah Digga) (Video) (@RebelDiaz @TefPoe)

From Minnesota to Ferguson to Chile- People are out in the streets resisting the police. Resisting a system that got its boot on our neck! We demand Justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, for the Mapuche community in the South and so many others murdered by police. Worldwide people are rising up. We are seeing History unfold in real time!
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