Nemo Achida ~ Nemotional (Video)

"The Nemotional video is about the imprisonment of artists. Creating, doing as much as you can to please the consumer. In a way, we don't own ourselves. The media/press, "in-crowd", tastemakers all can make/break you. I'm blind-folded throughout most of the visual because, you do all of this work, with no true-certainty of a flourishing-future....I hope you all enjoy my vision...PEACE x POWER." - NEMO ACHIDA

The Roots Undun (Album)

Kooley High ~ Freak It feat. The Kid Daytona ((Single))

Cambatta ~ Jazzterbation (Video)

2nd Installment of Cambattas weekly videos leading up until Smoke and Mirrors!!
Produced by Nabeyin Beats
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