Roddy Ricch ~ The Box (Video) (@RoddyRicch)

Get Out the box

Planet Asia x 38 Spesh ~ Trust The Chain ((Album)) (@planetasia @IamSpesh)

Planet Asia has recorded a number of albums with single producers (or production teams) throughout his prolific career. He has dropped classic material with DJ Muggs, Apollo Brown, Gensu Dean, DJ Concept, and of course his boys DirtyDiggs. However, according to King Medallions himself, his 38 Spesh-produced album "Trust The Chain" might be his best single-producer album yet. 

Bob Marley – LEGACY: 75 Years A Legend (Episode 1)

LEGACY: A year-long audio and visual odyssey, featuring 12 newly crafted stories exploring Bob Marley’s impact today. The series will also include Marley Sessions with live covers by today’s artists, and the Visual Legend with 14 all new music videos.

Stic ~ Workout II ((Album)) #Salute #healthygangsta #rbgfitclub

Purchase Workout II on iTunes


RZA ~ Guided Exploration ((Album))

Ramson Badbonez ~ Death Mask ((Album)) (@ramsonbadbonez)

There are very few Mc’s in the UK rap game as engrained into the culture as Ramson Badbonez. Rising through the ranks as one of the most cut throat MC’s London had ever seen at 14, it wasn’t long before people started to take notice of the young talent, gathering London wide respect as well as getting recognition from UK Hip Hop godfathers Task Force.

Sugar Ray Leonard | Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson (Video Build) (@hotboxinpodcast @MikeTyson @edsbritton)

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