Mystic ~ Country Roads (@thatgirlmystic)

"Country Roads” is the last free song before the release of the Beautiful Resistance album on 8/26. Like the first two free songs, this was produced Eligh. I would never have released this song separately from the album sequence if I had a choice due to how heavy the subject matter is. Although this is a historical song about the incredibly painful, violent, and racist history of the United States, the lynching of primarily Black men and boys (along with Brown men/boys) continues in the form of apparently legally sanctioned executions by vigilantes and police with very little justice or recognition of the historical systemic racism that ‘birthed’ this nation.
Just as importantly, the kidnappings, rapes, and murders of Black, Brown, Indigenous, and poor women continue to receive less recognition and national outcry. The value placed on our lives and our right to exist/dream/thrive is still unequal as it was in the inception of this country. In this song you hear pain, anger, me wishing I could go back and hold everyone in my arms to protect them; but none of us can return. We can only continue to beautifully resist and push forward through action and solidarity with those of us who make up the majority of the world. These are not just issues in the United States; these are global issues.
In love and in struggle,


KTL RADIO presents THE WAR REPORT ft The Cozmophyzixians (BlogTalkRadio) (@RaAKHU @KTLRadio)


There's a war going on in the Heavens no man is safe from. 

Here on Earth, we can clearly see the manifestation of these conflicting planetary energies at play. 

What lessons can we extract from the Great Teacher/Disciplinarian, Saturn?

What does Mars have in store, as we see military personnel spill into the street and we are witnessing the militirization of authority at an alarming rate? Do the Heavens support this build up? Has it just begun or is it at it's apex?

More importantly, as beings on this planet, under the planetary influence of these vast bodies above us, what can we do?

Is man a willing or unwilling participant in this celestial slow waltz?

Join us as The Cozmophyzixians led by RaAkhu return to continue a conversation that was started on this platform in October 2012, when Saturn first went in Scorpio. We will demonstrate that none of what you have seen thus far are isolated incidents, but they are all connected by an ethereal thread line to leads right into the present and extends right into the future...the LAW OF 44 is in FULL EFFECT!


Current News Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with KNOW THE LEDGE RADIO on BlogTalkRadio

G-Unit – Ahhhh Shit (Video)

Father U Cee King da police...
Official Music Video for the G-Unit track titled, “Ahhh Shit”.

SkyBlew ft. D&D Sluggers – The Ballad of Pigeon Man (@HeySkyBlew)

SkyBlew decided to release the single “Ballad Of The Pigeon Man” featuring D&D Sluggers (@DDSluggers) (who SkyBlew recently toured with) and it’s produced by SublimeCloud (@SublimeCloud) of The Digi Destined. The song is paying homage to the 90′s Nickelodeon cartoon “Hey Arnold” a show that had a major impact on SkyBlew’s life.

The album "SkyBlew's UNmodern Life" will be for sale in late September via, Random aka Mega Ran's RandomBeats Productions label! The album's theme is Hey Arnold, Rocket Power, Anime & Video Games. MAINLY, Hey Arnold because that show SkyBlew could really relate to, in alot of ways.

SVMO ~ Perfect Vision ((Mixtape))

Young God comes thru with his 1st mixtape
Perfect Vision

14 Deadly Secrets of Erick Sermon ~ Mixed By DJ DEREZON & TRE THE BOY WONDER

 Some of Erick Sermon’s most classic productions, featuring commentary from the Green Eyed Bandit himself about the making of each track.

Soulkast ft. DJ Premier – Memento Mori (Video) (@soulkast_rap)

"It's one life to live, so live it the best you can..."

NOUVEL ALBUM "Memento Mori" le 8 Septembre dans les bacs

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