Dr. Sebi ~ Acid 2 Alkaline (Do The Science/Video)

Curing aids is simple. Curing aids is like play to me...And it should be to you!! ~ Dr. Sebi  
Do the Science!!!


Shine On The World!!!
EyE'm so gone ~*~ But so Here
& so Clear, with No Fear
Inner Realms most seldom go
Until you ready 4 da real World
Beyond HERE/hEar, taste smell, & fear world
Where Vizion iz Intuitive
My Ancestry got da recipe 4 doin' it
African Vintage, Candles ~ Incense, Ankhs & Haykals
Help me break out
Then Meditate & Manifest what eYe Orchestrate ~Itz more than fate
thatz whY my Life's more than straight
Because Djehuti helped me Navigate...EyE Feel Great!!...


...One brick at a t.i.m.e, 8uild like KMT(ic) KinGz
Flyden a mah'f***a, hiGH eYe'm HRU
lQQk how da movement Shine ~da Sun of Ra~
FLip da Hieroglyph, DJehuti Tatted 2 da tiPTop
EyE never FlipFlop from foCus ~ Da Eye Of Horus~
Site SET on my True Wealth, my NTRs Know This
And eYe ain't trynna act like eYe'm da Teacha
EyE put my Light on da Line, MayB eYe'll Reach Ya!!!... ~ MikeFlo

1~*~4...RE~Member Now (LivinG Ma'athematics)

Nuk Asr*Nuk Asr*Nuk Asr*Nuk Asr...
Asr (Asar, Osiris) is the essence of all things, and the very Soul of every human being as his/her Higher Self, who thru ignorance, has become involved in the world, has been slain by its own E.G.O (represented by the god Set), and struggles to regain its original state of perfection. 
Asr also symbolizes the fragmented ocean of consciousness which has been cut into 14 pieces by the lower self (Set).  No longer is there the vast all encompassing, all knowing, all-ceeing consciousness. The Divine has become limited in association with the human mind, body and senses, due to the desire to experience human feelings and egoistic sentiments. Instead of looking at the U*N*I*verse thru the Cosmic Mind, the Divine now expresses him/her Self thru billions of life forms whose bodies, minds and senses are too limited to cee the vastness of Creation.

In the Ausarian (Osirian) Mysteries, when Set killed Asr by tearing him into pieces, he was symbolically tearing uP the Soul. However, Aset (Ast or Isis ~ who represents Wisdom which bestows the KnowLedge of the True Self of the initiate) restores the pieces of the Soul (Asar). Therefore, pride and insolence (Set-e.g.o.ism) destroy the Soul and KnowLedge of the Self (Aset), restores it to its True nature. 

2 Dayz Math 
1~*~4 RE-Member NOW...
Now, Nation, eNd ~ NOW is the T.I.M.E. to get KnowLedge of Self (RE-Member & Restore the pieces of the Soul) or eNd in the pit of ignorance (Set ~ E.G.O.ism...fooled/ruled by the lower self).

KnowLedge the Culture to show the Power!!
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