Sh**t Gangsters Should Not Say! (Comedy)

KMT(IC) Slim's Conscious ~*~ ((Perception)) ((Mixtape))

Just Do Music ~ Reach People Where They At...
( ( (Conscious) ) ) 

Itz not what they sayin'
but how they sayin' it...
The Heart/Soul has itz own Ear
It doesn't lean towards cultural/human concepts
It resonates with what stirs it and makes it feel real...
Makes it feel Loved & embraced.
So just do Music and the people who Need to hEar the resonance of your tone will be healed by whatever you say...Ya hEard!!

Crooked I ~ Game Time ((Single))

KnoX Ft. Mr. Gene Poole & Mike The Martyr ~ "Breathe" (Video)

Take some t.i.m.e. out and BREATHE...
KnoX, Mr Gene Poole, & Mike The Martyr
Produced by Apollo Brown

J.Nolan x Reese Jones – The Archetype EP

J.Nolan x Reese Jones= THE ARCHETYPE
5 song EP, with J.Nolan on the rhymes and Reese Jones on the production.
Archetype- noun. A universally understood symbol, term, or pattern of behavior. A prototype upon which others are copied, patterned, or emulated.
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