SavioUR Self (LivinG Ma'athematics/Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Self iz the ONLY Saviour...
Saviour iz one possessing the power of God and uses it to Resurrect the people, after first Saving Self and who saves All who want to be saved and added onto Self. 
Self iz the True Reality of One, be it man or woman.

19 vibrates to 1 (1+9=10/1). It is the alpha omega number because 1 (KnowLedge) iz the beginning and 9 (Born) iz the completion. 1 leads the 9 on a Spiritual and Artistic path. Though independent & ambitious itz power lies in the number 9 in helping and Elevating others.

KnowLedge of Self comes from going from KnowLedge to Born in a process of Self Discovery. If yoU complete a task from start to finish (a marathon, academic degree, etc.) yoU go from KnowLedge to Born, and Know that your True Self has Known how to do it and was capable of doing it All along.

Heru & Set
The Struggle between the Higher Self and the lower self ~

KMT(IC) Slim's 1~*~9...Self SaviOur ((Mixtape))

With The Ability to SET mySELF Free... 
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Sirius Times ~ Everybody Gotta Story...Make KnowLedge Born to Save Self....
Salute to all the Self SaviOurs 1~*~9 and Everyone making the Change they wanna Cee in the World!!

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