EyE Cee...Uraeus~*~Udjat (Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Decoded Hieroglyphics In The Shrines For The Mummies... 
The Left EyE (Udjat) of Heru (Hru, Horus) symbolizes the "Power of the God of Light." It implies that one has attained all of the qualities as personified by Heru and gained mastery over the enemies of Asar/Osiris (ignorance, egoism, selfishness, disharmony, mental agitation, etc...MY INNER ME IZ MY ONLY ENEMY). Now one has a clear picture which is Understanding/Overstanding/Innerstanding &
Cee's Clearly From The 3rd EyE

Saigon ~ Oh Yeah (Our Babies) (Video)

Understanding The Best Part...
The Greatest Story Never Told still gettin' plenty of plays in da igod
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