Absorbing Light From Every Angle... (Reflectionz)

My Pyramid iz at the Center of my Brain Matter, 
These boyz like 2 call me Skinny but honey my Frontal Lobe Fatter...

Dark ~ Dark iz the abscence of Light
    Angles ~ Alwayz on my Square cuz eYe'm Right
        Original ~ Bloodline Black like da Nite
             Sa-Roc ~ 3rd i Vizion True Site

~ Lyrics by Sa-Roc the Astronomical 
~ Art by Aseer The Duke Of Tiers

Fresh Daily "The Quiet Life" (Video)

KMT(IC) Slim's The MaKINGs of YoU ( (Mixtape) )

Add a lil Sugar...

Ast ~ Aset ~ Isis (Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Ast is the personification of the Life Giving, Mother Force in creation and in all humans
"I Isis, am all that has been, all that is, or shall be;
and no mortal man hath ever unveiled me."

The 2 most important features which Ast encompasses are Love and Wisdom. Aset's undying Love and devotion to Asar transcended her loss of him twice. Her Love also caused the Resurrection of her son, Heru, as well. This divine devotion led her to discover the pieces of Asar's dead body. This is the devotion of the initiate which leads him/her to the Divine. All that is needed is a deep, passionate Love for the Divine.
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