Cappadonna ft Amar Divine ~ Cranberry Juice (prod Pete Rock) (Video) (@REALCAPPADONNA)

The official music video for "Cranberry Juice" off Cappadonna's latest MixTape entitled "The Hip-Hop Mixtape" (available for free download @ www.glfent.com). The track features Wu-Tang Clan's Cappadonna & GLF Entertainment recording artist Amar Divine. The video was filmed & edited by "The A-Team"

Forever M.C. Ft Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Hus Kingpin & Rozewood ~ School ((Stream))

The Emcee and Production team of Forever M.C. & It’s Different have joined forces with some of Hip-Hop’s most elite artists in the game to bring the world the unprecedented soundscape for the 3-30-18 release of Forever M.C. compilation on RBC Records. After three all-star posse cuts, “Terminally Ill,” “King Kong” & “Piranhas”, Forever M.C. & It’s Different present the projects fourth-single, “School,” featuring Lupe Fiasco, Talib Kweli, Hus Kingpin & Rozewood.

PUP (Pain United w/ Passion) ~ ZOMBIES are Among Us Now! (Video) (@cryptokingz88)

This is PUP (Pain United w/ Passion) Exclusive Music Video release

Pain United w/ Passion, better known as PUP, is a conscious Hip Hop artist, entrepreneur, community activist, cryptocurrency investor and Creator of your favorite YouTube channel Crypto Kingz.

My purpose is to be a source of empowerment and catalyst for positive change in this world, and the stories in my music say it all." - PUP

So what are ZOMBIES? Examples please

Example 1: Some people go through life without being in touch with their MIND BODY and SOUL

Example 2: Some people mentalities are stuck in the negative and receive energy by bringing you down

Example 3: Some people choose to stay unconscious and don't care to evolve

Crypto Kingz ~ Zombies Official Music Video Exclusively on DTube NOW!!! (Video Build) (@cryptokingz88)

Do the knowledge

Chris Enlightened ~ Poverty Consciousness ((Video Build))

Poverty Consciousness creates the feeling of being less worthy, you don't expect joy and you only expect contentment. Creating these self-imposed mental barriers in your life prevents you from seeing and using the same doors of success that the wealthy have open for them in their lives.

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