This the continuation of Lauryn Hill Miseducation...

Young Jeezy ~ Trapped ft. Jill Scott

You ain't really really doin' it, I mean honestly pursuing it
cuz if ya did yoU wouldn't be murderin' ya own people
Its A Trap...

Soundtrack for a Revolution Clip

Soundtrack For A Revolution, a documentary on the music of the the civil rights movement which screened at BAM last year, is finally getting it’s official release on January 31st, 2012.

The Roots, John Legend, Anthony Hamilton, Angie Stone, TV on the Radio, Wyclef, The Blind Boys of Alabama, Joss Stone and Richie Havens are featured on the soundtrack.

Ski Beatz feat. Stalley-Gentleman’s Quarterly (Video)

Ski Beatz drops the first single off his upcoming album 
24 Hour Karate Presents: Twilight. In stores February 14, 2012 
Director- Jonah Schwartz

PackFM - "Want What's Mine (BTSTU Mix)" (Video)

Aleon Craft & George Clinton - "Places To Fly"

Aleon Craft & George Clinton - "Places To Fly" by SMKA
off Aleon Craft & George Clinton -Mothership: The Decatur Connection

This is the first time George Clinton (of Parliament Funkadelic) has linked up with a hip-hop artist for a complete, new project. George Clinton recorded to 3 new records for the project, however Mothership: The Decatur Connection consists of elements from… ( ( (Aleon Craft’s Mothership Decatur mixtape) ) ), the Parliament-Funkedelic catalog and original recordings from both Aleon Craft and George Clinton.

This video includes select clips from Occupy Wall St, Iraq War, Oil Leak off the Gulf Coast, Japan's Nuclear Explosion in Fukushima, Haiti after the Earthquake, Stock Market Crash of 2008 and Gaddafi's Murder.

Gods'Illa: You Don't Have To Be A Star ft. Maimouna Youssef (Video)

Music video for Gods'Illa's hit single from the CPR BlendTape
 hosted by Dj Lo Down Loretta Brown aka Erykah Badu


When I'm writing I invite you to the right side of my brain. Infect you with my inflections, impress you with my refrains. Hundred and twenty verses of personal self reflection. Painstakingly written to clarify your perception. Sa-roc will not be compromised from lines that break bad on wax but fall flat at press time. I'm destined to take root in stars but right now I grind in suede boots and silk scarves. I'm built hard with soft spots and weak moments, and through all of the challenges I just keep forward. Cuz I prayed that I would speak and yall would understand the pressure that it takes for god mc to be human again I'm stressing. Failure's not an option but mediocrity's taunting me following every rhyme like a hawk and I know that they can't wait to catch me slipping. But this one is for you and me so we gon polish up this gold glistening!

This is word sound power. My sonic booms is blowing out mics and stage lights, I'm consecrating sound booths dressed in all white. Pass me a super hit I'm just getting the mood right. bout to throw it down in the kitchen cuz this is food right? I done got my weight up, building my body of work, proudly display my medals cuz healing is valiant work. Im 14 days fasting, disciplined self mastery. Fire breathing get that high energy moving faster. I am phoenix, look at how I'm rising from the ashes. Knocking the opposition out the ring call me cassius. My team extraordinary their crew is average. If they going left I will exit stage right. Rewriting text til I get the feeling the page right. My mothership music changing your brain patterns. this is outer space technology science is game shattering.

My light never dissipates it refracts and bends thru the looking glass lens. Watchful eyes sit and wait for the moment I give in. for cheap tricks and flash to invade my sentence. But my mission came written like genetic imprints. each line is pure. Soft voice demure, belt out a rhyme til throat's raw and sore. Peep dudes pick up their jaws off the floor. cuz fresh jawns can rip their shows like the boys. I show out on tour. wild tights couture, dook chains and gold hoops, loc styles galore. peace over war, but trust they attack my sword at the door. I'm not in it for minutes of false praises. Im brick laying mortaring stones across stages. Adapt and adjust my flow to moon phases. elevate the crowds with chants and dune phrases.
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