Wiz Khalifa ~ Brainstorm (Video)

1st visual off Wiz’s Taylor Allderdice mixtape.

Oji's The "Gift Bearer" Animated Series-Episode 1

A new sci-fi animated series courtesy of Oji Edutainment ©2012

Oji ~ "Merkaba Vimana!" (Video)

From the album "Mental Treasure Hunt" by Oji & The "Ascension Team'" 
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Chiliscote & Nneka ~ "Cast the Devil" (Video)

Chiliscote es un Mc nacido en Valparaiso Chile.
Esta es una canción perteneciente a su disco Incendiando Babilonia junto a la gran exponente Nneka.

Mc Chiliscote is born in Valparaiso Chile.
This is a song from their album Incendiando Babilonia by the great exponent Nneka.

KMT(IC) Slim: Outkast ~ Slim Mix ((Mixtape))

In case you missed it...
The 2nd KMT(IC) Slim x Outkast Mixtape
You can Grab Vol. 1  >HERE<

KMT(IC) Slim: Outkast ~ Cee Mix ((Mixtape))

 IN Case You Missed It, we are posting 2 more KMT(IC) Slim Mixes. Must haves for any true Outkast fans. Enjoy!

Cocoa Brovaz ~ Living Legends Remix [Prod DJ Marco Matic] ((Single))

Eric G ~ The Jamla Collection Vol. 2 ((Instrumentals))

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