KMT(IC) Slim ~ 2Pac...Be The Change ((Mixtape))

"I'm not saying I'm gonna change the world, but I guarantee that I will spark the brain that will change the world." 
-Tupac Amaru Shakur

Tracklist Part 1
1. Spark The Change
2. Last Dayz...Be The Change Slim mix w/ Dead Prez & Onyx
3. Dumpin' ft. Hussein Fatal & Papoose
4. Starin' Through My Rear View
5. Resist The Temptation ft. Amel Larrieux
6. So Many Tears
7. Put The "K" cuz I'm Killin' dat Sh...
8. Hail Mary (Killuminati)
9. No More Pain
10. Who Do You Believe In
11. Go(o)d vs (d)Evil... B.I.B.L.E. Talk
12. Blasphemy
13. Lord Knows
14. Care About U.S.
15. They Don't Give A Fuck About Us
16. Patriot Act
17. Letter To The President
18. Soulja's Story
19. Trapped
20. Military Minds ft. Boot Camp Clik
21. Got My Mind Made Up ft. Daz, Kurupt, Method Man, Redman and Inspectah Deck
22. Deadly Combination w/ Big L 
23. Difference Of Opinion
24. Hit 'em Up
25. Ambitionz Az A Ridah

Part 2
26. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto mix
27. Free... Mumia 
28. Hold Ya Head
29. Dreadful Day w/ Poor Righteous Teachers
30. Assata
31. Heaven or Hell
32. Thugz Mansion
33. Temptations
34. Playa Cardz Right ft. Keyshia Cole
35. Are U Still Down w/ Jon B
36. Sucka 4 Love
37. How Do You Want It
38. White Man'z World
39. Amerikkkan Skemin w/ General Steele
40. Pain
41. Only God Can Judge Me
42. Smile w/ Scarface
43. A Prophecy
44. If I Die 2Nite
45. Wisdom Power...What If
46. Mourn You Til I Join You Naughty By Nature
47. Be The Change

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