The Adventure Of Roc Raida part 1 & 2 (Video)

Hapi BornDay Roc Raida...
Dope documentary about Roc Raida, 
Rize In Power

Loaded Lux Calls Out Hollow Da Don at Killaz Battle! (Video)

During the recent Killaz Battle League event, Loaded Lux took a moment to respond to Hollow Da Don. During his verse, Lux made sure to mention Hollow by name and delivered his message, which could lead to a battle at this year's Summer Madness 3 card. 
"Tell that boy Iron I'm the one he still don't want to mettle with," he began, first taking aim at Iron Solomon with a steel/metal line. "And tell that nigga Hollow come get his medicine." 

Wu-Tang Clan ~ Execution in Autumn

This is a Soul Temple customer appreciation offering. We are offering you this Unreleased Wu-Tang Clan banger on 7" 45rpm Vinyl and Digital Download on a "pay what you feel" basis until May 31st. Here's the fine print: 1. You can pay us whatever you think is fair for the vinyl (the lowest that Bandcamp allows for vinyl is $0.50), but you do have to pay for the shipping, 2. Limit 1 Per Customer, 3. THESE RECORDS WILL NOT BE SHIPPED OUT UNTIL JUNE 30th, 4. At some point later this summer (but not after your's has been shipped) this record may be made available for sale in record shops. 
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