Young Jeezy ~ We Done It Again (Video)

They Die By Dawn [Official Trailer] f/ Erykah Badu, Michael K. Williams & More

They Die By Dawn is a western featuring black cowboys, conceived and directed by Jeymes Samuel of The Bullitts (a collaborative group of artists – both music and film – headed by Samuel.)
The all-star cast includes some fan favorites: Jesse Williams, Michael K. Williams, Isaiah Washington, Bokeem Woodbine, Clifton Powell, Rosario Dawson, Giancarlo Esposito, Erykah Badu, and others.
But it’s not a feature film unfortunately; it’s a short; however, I wouldn’t count out the potential for a feature adaptation, especially if response to the short is strong. 
The 30-minute film is reportedly based on a series of real-life stories.

Masta Killa ~ R U Listening (Prod. by Inspectah Deck)

Masta Killa presents the first taste of his new album "Selling My Soul", in stores December 11th 2012. "R U Listening" is produced by fellow Wu-Tang member Inspectah Deck.

Mistah F.A.B. ~ Generation Lost (Video)

Boog Brown Decoded: The Language of Hip-Hop and the Power of Words (Video)

Decoded: The Language of Hip Hop - Presented by Adรกn Bean of The Remnant

Panelists will discuss their approaches to songwriting and the connection of storytelling and hip-hop. Artists will share sample lyrics and breakdown the meaning and inspiration for the words they weave.

The group will dialogue about the power that music has in defining or redefining terms, as well as introducing meaning that transcends the music itself have, as well as the impact lyricism has on the listening audience and popular culture.

Participants will get an opportunity to learn and share different approaches to writing, rhyming techniques, concepts and critical thinking, and more. Decoded will include discussion and dissection of the language of hip-hop, and the use of literary tools like prose, metaphor, imagery, and hyperbole that liken lyrics to poetry or storytelling, and provide tools to aspiring songwriters and lyricists that may aid them in the creative process.

Murs & 9th Wonder ~ A Tale of Two Cities

The Final Adventure in Stores November 13.

9th Wonder & Buckshot ~ Shorty Left f. Rapsody (Video)

Off The Solution, dropping next Tuesday (November 13th).

Young Jeezy ~ “We Done It Again” Sol Messiah re-drum

I really dig what the producer did to this jeezy joint. CRAZY CREATiVe! i wanted to add some drums so my folks who like to bump it in they're cars can vibe out. one love to GOD HOP!

Atlantis Build ~ Supreme Mathematics 7

 This build goes into the science of 7 (God)!!!

8uild more with the God @ http://www.atlantisschool.blogspot.com/
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