Jon Connor Feat. Talib Kweli ~ Rise Up

2nd installment from Unconscious State project due out on iTunes

Fahamu Pecou ~ All Dat Glitters Aint Goals [prod. by Illastrate] (Video)

Fahamu Pecou presents ALL DAT GLITTERS AINT GOALS (Produced by ILLASTRATE)
Featuring: Fahamu Pecou / Yamin Semali / Methuzulah / Mike Flo / Ekundayo / DT / Massive the Victor / Boog Brown / Joe D / Divine Wiz / Great SCOTT

Kendrick Lamar ~ Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe (Video)

Death To Molly...

Rakim ~ Get Visual (Unreleased 1995-Produced by Dominic Owen)

Another classic unreleased Rakim song from Dominic Owen's archive 

Bob Marley ~ Three little Birds (Stephen Marley & Jason Bentley Re~Style)

The Jason Bentley and Stephen Marley version of "Three Little Birds" will be on Legend: Remixed, a new collection featuring 15 remixed tracks from Marley and the Wailers' posthumous 1984 album Legend. The track will be available for download through Amazon and iTunes tomorrow, May 14th; a release date for Legend: Remixed has not yet been announced. (via)

Tek ~ Family Portrait (@TekSmokeeLah)

Here's an unreleased cut from Tek.

donwill ~ Stevie Wonder Mix (#HapiBornDay Stevie!!)

Quick Mix of a few of my faves from Stevie ~ donwill

@CEOJowee ✡ Forgiveness ft. @Triiifecta [Remix] (#3rdEyeAwake)

The Love EP.” by @CEOJowee out now

Supreme Sol x Handbook ~An Obscure Narrative (EP) (@SupremeSol @HandbookYork)

"An Obscure Narrative" is the second collaborative EP between St. Louis MC Supreme Sol and York-based Hip-Hop producer Handbook. Featuring Supreme Sol's trademark rapid fire flow and HB's hard hitting, soul sampled beats, this second instalment features some big new tracks. 
Half rap EP, half History lesson, An Obscure Narrative is a deep, expressive recording, covering dark segments of our history and the workings of the human mind. 

Supreme Sol adds: All of the content talked about on this album has to do with making people more aware of historical events that have vanished in the shadows of obscurity. I didn't write any of this to offend anyone, but to convey my perspective eloquently and to spark conversation. I want the people to take information from it and grow off of it. I also want to make it clear that I am not trying to force my perspective on the listener. PEACE 
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