Urban X Podcast 065: Amber Guyger found guilty, Demonetization, Shaq vs Dame (Video Build) (@Urbanx_nyc @TheBlackDot_) #UrbanXcellence #UrbanXNation

Malcom and the Black Dot ARE BACK to break down the latest news in the Urban community. Amber Guyger is found guilty and given ten years. Botham Jean's family forgives him. Youtube is starting to demonetize many pages, and it is becoming more and more clear that China is running the world.

The Underachievers ~ Last Call x Tokyo Drift (Video) (@THEUALIFESTYLE @issa_gold @iunderachieve)

The Underachievers presents "Last Call x Tokyo Drift" visuals from their Lords of Flatbush 3 project - Out Now!
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