The Roots of The Roots: ?uesto and Black Thought Find Their Origins

With a simple DNA test people of African descent can now trace back exactly where their ancestors came from on the continent – down to the country and even the specific ethnic group. *WILD* ?uestlove and Black Thought got cheek-swabbed and now know their real roots. Does Black Thought come from the tribe he guessed? Will they go back to Africa to meet their people? Check the video for the answer, and if you wanna know your real roots as well, go to African Ancestry and order your kit

MC Melodee x Cookin Soul ~ Up in the Clouds (Video)

MC Melodee & Cookin Soul present "Up in the clouds" one of the singles of their upcoming colaboration mixtapevideo directed and edited by Film Collins, shot entirely on Iphone 4
produced by Cookin Soul .
MC Melodee has been active in the music industry for over 14 years. Next to being writer, performer and leader of her band La Melodia with whom she performed all over the globe, she leads a Peer Education Project in her homebase Amsterdam

B.o.B ~ Boom Bap (feat. T.I. & Mos Def) ((Single))

Untitled (feat. Oddisee) ~ DTMD ((Single))

from Makin' Dollas, released 20 September 2011

Kil Ripkin ~ Question (Video)

What U Do It 4?...
Kil Ripkin officially releases new single and video“The Question” on December  8, 2011.
KIL RIPKIN continues to raise the bar in hip hop.  As we accelerate towards the release ofThe Quickening Vol. 2, The Godian brings forth “The Question”.  The video/song, directed by Rick Foy (DVID FILMS) and produced by Khrysis, narrates his musical journey and growth as both a lyricist and producer.  “The Question” relates back to the true essence of classic hip hop. The video features special cameo appearances by Akil (Jurassic 5) John Robinson, Kam Moye and several others.

Lyriciss ~The Balance (DJ Premier "Live From HeadQCourterz" Mix)

On December 2nd, 2011, DJ Premier played my single, "The Balance", on SiriusXM's Hip-Hop Nation...and he didn't just play it, either...he brought it back like 2 or 3 times and went IN on the scratches. Honored...wow. Enjoy it, y'all.

Toki Wright ~ Love of My Life Freestyle ((Single))

Toki Wright freestyle over Erkyah Badu and Common's 2002 single "Love of My Life" produced by Raphael Saadiq

Freeway & Tek (of Smif n Wessun) ~ Two Kings (Video)

TWO KINGS! produced by Mr. Green


We Got A Whole Nu Generation 2 Teach...
KRS-One's 2nd Official Release, AZTECHNICAL off of KRS-Ones 20th Studio Album Entitled JUST LIKE THAT Produced By MAD LION Dropping 1st 1/4 2012 ,on Killahpride Records.

Peace. This is KRS-One! I'd like to personally thank everyone for their show of support toward the release of the "Just Like That" video. I'm not really a big Internet guy myself, but I had to respond to the enormous amount of love we've experienced since the release of the "Just Like That" video. MAD LION ROCKED IT! However, the best is still yet to come.
As you may know, I often use my talents to edutain my listeners and inspire the international Hip Hop community. 2012 will be no different. I feel sorry for those who already think that I preach too much in rhyme, or that I need to retire. On the contrary, I'm just getting started.
Turning the flame up a little more, my next video presentation "Aztecnical" will deal with the myths of 2012, particularly the December 21st 2012 Mayan Calendar "end date". Too many of our people are being led astray by movies, lectures and hype mostly regarding the celestial calculations of the Mayan Calendar. And while other cultures also predict the same "end date" calculations, it is important to point out that all cosmic alignments, shifts and even changes are occurring RIGHT NOW! The question is, how might this affect Hip Hop worldwide? I believe we are about to finally have our "say" in the world. The key word in the next few upcoming months will be "courage", and true courage comes from living rightly. As an international culture, Hip Hop is poised for a great opportunity; my goal is to get us prepared for it, and fear has no place in our collective future.
I am sending this "Aztecnical" video out in hopes that it sparks discussion and dispels fears. The first verse deals with the actual Mayan calculations themselves and shows how governments and corporate entities of all sorts use the fears of the public to their own economic and global advantages. The second verse deals with the conquest of Cortez over the Mayan People and how it was the Mayans' own cultural beliefs that were used against them to cease their lands and resources. The point being, do not allow hype and your own view of the world to lure you into the hands of those only out to exploit you. BE STRONG! BE COURAGOUS! And yes, Knowledge Reigns Supreme. There It Is,Just Like That.

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