The Weeknd ~ Enemy

The Weeknd releases this new track titled “Enemy“. His debut album Trilogy drops November 13th. You can pre-order it on iTunes now.

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John Graham ~ All Seeing Eyes (Video)

Visit www.EgoFreeMusicGroup.com for more music by John Graham
2nd Visual Off Magic: Blanc et Noir

Loaded Lux interview on Howard Stern Show

Loaded Lux interview on Howard Stern Show

Jasiri X ~ Don't Forget About The Hood (Video)

Free Download at http://jasirix.bandcamp.com/

Directed by Emmai Alaquiva, "Don't Forget About The Hood" illustrates how the issues of the poor and urban communities have been all but forgotten in this current election season, and wonders what happened to all of the energy and organizing that took place in the wake of the tragic murder of Trayvon Martin. 

"Don't Forget About the Hood" was produced in collaboration with http://hoodievote.org with Da Ricanstrukta providing the powerful soundtrack 

The Narcicyst ~ Falling Down (Video)

From the Medium's premiere release "Leap Of Faith " EP by @TheNarcicyst (twitter)

Mr. Green ft. Country, Pacewon & Skrewtape ~ Tent City (Live From The Streets) (Video)

On our way to back Philly we would always pass a slightly scary looking tent city on the side of the highway in Camden NJ. We were fascinated by it, we wondered what goes on there, who lives there, and what the people were like.

One day we finally mustered up enough courage to go inside. We arrived in the afternoon, and after walking up the long dusty path we were immediately greeted by Country, the assistant Mayor of Tent City. We were blown away by his charisma, charm and overall positive outlook on life. He was so interesting that we spoke to him close to 30 minutes before we even knew that he was a singer. Once he sung a few notes, we knew we had to feature him in an episode.

He sang us an original song and told us some stories about his life. Next, we took the audio back to the lab and Green made a beat mixing Country's voice with some piano. After that we took the beat to Pacewon in East Orange and he spit us a verse right on the street. Finally Green got his boy Skrewtape to lay down the final verse in a recording studio.
To download the full version with both Pacewon and Skrewtape, click here: 
http://www.hulkshare.com/nmphw6x66f40 Or to hear a streaming version click here:http://soundcloud.com/greenhiphop/i-believe-featuring-country

-Sam and Green

P.S. The people in Tent City need help. Even though they are very organized, having mosts things covered, they still struggle to get basic essentials and have to go some days without enough food and water. If you want to help the people of Tent City, email us at livefromstreet@gmail.com, and we will tell you the location. The things they need most are food, candles, batteries, clothes and water.

JP Beats ft. George Clinton, Planet Asia, Boots Riley & Tri-State ~ Maximum Potential

“The Warning” features 16-tracks and all brand new collaborations from the likes of Busta Rhymes, T.I., Young Buck, George Clinton, Royce the 5’9”, Kurupt, Sean Price, Boots Riley (The Coup), Canibus, Planet Asia, Tragedy Khadafi, Cappadonna, and many more. “The Warning” will be released on November 6th on both physical and digital formats via D.R.E / Holy Toledo Productions.

Guilty Simpson & Apollo Brown ~ Truth Be Told

Two Detroit titans, Apollo Brown and Guilty Simpson, are joining forces for a collaborative album on Mello Music Group.  
Unlike lightweight rappers “scared to face the reality of truth,” Guilty Simpson isn’t one to tiptoe around on the mic. “Truth Be Told” finds the Motor City rhymer bearing his soul over a slow-burning soul chop that is trademark Apollo Brown. Guilty’s usual ferocity is tempered by his introspection, reminiscing back to times when he was hustling and living fast but without direction. A sublime string loop gives Guilty’s monstrous mic presence center stage to tell his story, a specifically hood tale that is still widely relatable. Guilty punctuates his reflections with a worthwhile reminder: “You want change? It starts with you.”

 With a monster behind the boards and a monster behind the mic, this is a Dice Game you don’t want to miss. November 13th, mark your calendars.

Cosmic Compositions ~ Avant Garde Series Vol​.​1 [Pharoah Sanders]

We feel there is huge similarity's between the Avant-Garde/Free Jazz movement of the 50's & 60's & the beat movement of Today. As both movements attempted to break down, extend & alter the conventions of their original genres (Jazz & Hip Hop) & were never afraid to experiment & improvise to create something that wasn't accepted commercially at the time. 

C O S M I C | C O M P O S I T I O N S will be putting together a Series of Compilations dedicated to some of the pioneers of the Avant-Garde Jazz Movement. 

The majority of this compilation was produced by beatmakers who strictly sampled Pharoah Sanders. 

Dee-1 ~ You Stupid Fool (Video)

Download Dee-1's new mixtape #TheFocusTape on iTunes or for FREE. Just get it... iTunes Link: http://bit.ly/TggQb6 ; Free mixtape download linkhttp://bit.ly/SQKZtG 

Nardwuar vs. Flying Lotus (Video)

Nardwuar interviews Flying Lotus in Vancouver, BC Canada
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