A Welfare Poets' Jam Session #4: The Last Poets with The Welfare Poets

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The Last Poets and The Welfare Poets and the Nuyorican Poets Cafe - NYC: 11/29/12 (6:30pm - 9pm)

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The Welfare Poets ~ Once Again: Let It Be Known Part 2 (Video)

The song says it all. We are coming at Obama once again along with Romney and this entire upcoming election/deception. Both are corporate tools of the elite and conspire against the future of, not only this country, but the entire planet.

Quoting Rayzer:

"Your vote is reduced to a commodity, that will never get you out of poverty. A duocracy - Obomney, fronting for a kleptocracy, A mockery to democracy, a tragic comedy. Forever trapped in the Council of Foreign Relation's Harry Pottery and Barry's atrocities."

Check the Lyrics Below

ZForbes - Turning Point ((InstruMental))

Toronto DJ/Producer ZForbes releases a new instrumental entitled "Turning Point". ZForbes is normally known for collaborating with various Emcees and Singers, but thought this instrumental speaks for itself. The mellow track features airy vocal samples and hard hitting drums.

Craig G Ft. Mr Cheeks & Sadat X ~ It’s Real (Prod. by Dj Nastee)

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