Ghostface Killah & Adrian Younge ~ The Sure Shot [parts 1 and 2]

Twelve Reasons To Die drops April 16, 2013

Joey Bada$$ & Pro Era ~ Billboard Freestyle (Video)

Joey Bada$$ and Pro Era perform a freestyle 
exclusively for Billboard.

KRS-One & Conscience ~ No Weakness (Prod. by Makemdef) (Video)

New Conscience EP "No Weakness" now available on iTunes  

KRS-ONE BUILD PART 1 & 2 (Video)

Speaking exclusively with Michael Reel, Editor of ReelUrbanNews.com, Hip Hop legend and architect KRS-ONE admits during the formative years of Hip Hop he had no idea his music would have a global impact. "We didn't know it was Hip Hop! It was just breaking, M.Cing, graffiti writing and D.Jing. The one thing I will take credit for is for some reason, I was chosen. I don't know how or why but I accepted the choice." KRS-ONE, #HipHop #Legend


part 2 below

Jo Mersa ~ Comfortable (Video)

Comfortable” is one of two tunes from Jo Mersa, eldest son of Stephen Marley, on the Ghetto Youths International compilation, Set Up Shop, Volume 1. 

Pusha T ~ Be Heard Sessions Freestyle (Video)

"When I hear the term "Be Heard", its just about having a voice. It's about letting your thoughts and your opinions and your feelings be on display. You really open yourself up to scrutiny and everything else, but you know. You get to give the people what you want them to hear." ~ Pusha T

Ayatollah ~ Avant Garde ((Album))

New Ayatollah LP

Illastrate ~ The Henny Loggins Show season1

The 1st of a collection of projects from producer Illastrate, that features remixes and unreleased material.
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