Toki Wright ~ No Idea's Original (2012 MW) ( (Single) )

New joint from Toki Wright along with Mally and MC Longshot. Rhyming over Alchemist produced "No Idea's Orignial (Remix)" from Nas' 2002 The Lost Tapes.

Killah Priest ~ B.I.B.L.E. ( (Classic Audio) )

KnowLedge this Wisdom
this goes back when i was 12
i LOVEd doin RIGHT but i was trapped in HELL...

Basic Instructionz Before Leaving Earth...

...2 Much KnowLedge
it might break uP da rhyme
i did it anyway 
just 2 wake uP the Mind...

Kembe X ~ Self Rule ( (Mixtape) )

KRS-One ~ HIP HOP IS ONE ((Single)) (@IAmKRSOne)

Hip Hop City...

In case u missed it...lQQk at THIS ONE

Has-Lo "Reincarnate" (Audible Doctor Remix) ((Single))

from Conversation B, released 15 November 2011

Asr ~ Asar ~ Osiris (Decoded Hieroglyphics)

Asr is the symbol of all humans. His journey is our journey. His struggle is our struggle. His reward is our reward. His victory is our victory.
Alwayz Be On Ya Square!!

Asr (Asar) is an Avatar, a Divine incarnation into T.I.M.E. & Space, the incarnation of the Higher Self, the Soul, into the realm of T.I.M.E. & Space.

Asar represents the principle of Death & Resurrection who was destroyed by evil but came back to life as Hru (Heru/Horus). To die is to be defeated by evil (Set). To resurrect is to have a "2nd" Spiritual, Mental, Pschological birth in the form of a nu consciousness called Heru.
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