Knxwledge. ~ WT​.​PRT_13 (@Knxwledge)

Chris Rivers – Love, Yourself Freestyle ((Stream)) (@OnlyChrisRivers)

Talk to them Chris! Chris continues to show how versatile he is on his rendition of J.Cole “Love Yourz”. Showcasing a conversation flow that speaks from his heart to our ears.

Planet Asia ~ Magnetic Lord (Video) (@planetasia)

New video for “Magnetic Lord” off PA’s “The Golden Buddha” which is out now.

Blue Pill ~ The Truth about Liquid Gold, Annunaki, and Our Bodies Being Stardust (Video Build) (@blackmagik363)

S. Ali Myers ~ Ancestor Offerings vs Deity Offerings (What's the Difference?) (Video Build) @salimyers

In this video I explain the main difference between an ancestor altar offering and a deity offering. I also explain how to combine deities and ancestors on one altar.

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