Stahhr ~ Mother Nature With A Molotov:Molotov Season ((Album))

Stahhr produces more classic music with her new project Mother Nature with a Molotov: Molotov Season. The project was birthed out of the dire need for humanity to catalyze transformation, rebirth and balance through the powerful vibration of music. Over 14 tracks, staHHr bobs and weaves expertly through a variety of production styles with clever word play, molotov mantras, natural law and metaphysics balanced with the essence of the golden era. Album features include hip hop legend Del, C-Rayz Walz, John Robinson, Eagle Nebula, Nomadic Poet, Boog Brown and Ekundayo. Stahhr also enlisted an array of producers for this venture, reaching from Georgia (Floyd tha Locsmif) the Bronx (Lex Boogie), Brooklyn (Sid V), France (Astronote) and Iceland (Fonetik Simbol). This album is the follow up to her 2008 release Almost Neva Was. No gimmicks, just the authentic, unadulterated hip hop that you grew up on continually metamorphosing into the standard for the now and the golden era future. Molotovs!

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