Lupe Fiasco ~ Lamborghini Angels [Audio]

Food & Liquor 2
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It's a mad world out here, I tell you
The world's gone stark, raving mad
Everyone in the world is mad
It's a mad crazy world

I see diamond-flooded demons
Lamborghini angels
Lamborghini angels
Lamborghini angels
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through
Halos down with the doors flapping when they came through

[Verse 1]
With a circle on the floor he compels them to be pure
Pulls the beast out of his heart then impales it on a sword
Writes a prayer on some paper and then he nails it to the door
Just the good of you may enter by the mercy of the lord
Listen not to what he speaks, that's been the cursing of his cause
A seduction of his senses by the devils he adores
The unholy has him hostage and his soul is now at war
Follow not his secret knowledge it will bring you no reward
Shun him while in public disallow him from your stores
Have no part in his affairs 'less his pestilence be yours
Make scoundrels of the righteous and virgins into whores
But we must still pray that his colour will be cured

Maimouna Youssef ~ "Meet Me In Brazil" (Dir. Brian Kyle Atkins) (Video)

Maimouna Youssef joins forces once more with Director Brian Kyle Atkins to create the visuals for "Meet Me in Brazil" from her debut album THE BLOOMING, featuring actor Lamman Rucker. Following the storyline of the songs - since their busy schedules prevent them from maintaining the magical spark their relationship once had, the video explores the song's fun and flirty narrative of Maimouna's imagination when she suggests to her husband that he, "Meet me In Brazil"... to rekindle their romantic bond. Enjoy!!!


The 7th joint from Prim-Roc (Dj Premier & Sa-Roc)
16 verses 16 Primo tracks! @sarocthemc

"When it rains it pours, so I’m careful w remorse, cuz one salty tear means I’m crying ‘til I’m hoarse. So I parcel out emotion like rations during war. with the closest to me soaking wet from ocean flooded shores. Im damned like aswan from
 kemet to atzlan ink salvation on the paper like my last song. Stained pages with a rage allowed to ferment surely no one wants to hear another angry black gal. gag ordered lest I speak about the bitter truth, leave exposed bars as markers of my hidden proofs. Sit pretty and they’ll let u be their mascot, pampered dolls lead examples for the have-nots. Eff that. Im a hot button, press that. This real ish bang hard snap your neck back. Im chiropractical, rhymes work ur spinal cord, my final chords will help you get your self respect back" sa-roc

Has Lo ~ Inherit The Stars (Paten Locke Remix) (Video)

From The Has-Lo Album "Conversation B"

Has-Lo, the Philadelphia based emcee/producer who brought you the critically acclaimed album In Case I Don't Make It, is back with Conversation B - a complete re-envisioning of ICIDMI. Exile, J-Zone, Oddisee, Kev Brown, Eric Lau, Apollo Brown and more lend their extensive production powers to the project. It is eclectic, melodic, chaotic, bleak and brutal all at once. The journey of a man at the tipping point continues...


Classic Mike Tyson interview!

Mikkey Halsted ~ Castro ((Mixtape))

New mixtape from Mikkey Halsted hosted by Don Cannon

Talib Kweli ~ To The Music f. Maino [prod. 9th Wonder]

To The Music, produced by 9th Wonder. New unreleased music available on the upcoming mix tape Attack The Block, presented by Talib Kweli and Z-Trip. Prisoner of Conscious is the album, available October.

Havoc ~ Separated (Real From The Fake) (Video)

#13 coming soon

FreshNerd Of 100 Akres ~ I Love Loosies Pt. Deux ((Instrumentals))

If you missed out on I Love Loosies pt. 1, have no fear. This project is a compilation of unreleased beats and songs as well as some dope sh*t other artists have done over 100 Akres production.

They’re carefully picked and are not pieces that weren’t good enough to make the ‘cut’. They’re pieces that don’t belong to any project in particular.

Reks ~ La Luna f. Sene, Koncept & Venessa Renee [Prod. Numonics] (Video)

The new REKS album REBELutionary in stores and at iTunes right now.

BLING47 BREAKS DILLA EDITION: History ~ Rich Medina (Video)

My convo got heavy with Rich as we spoke about how Dilla’s sound changed in his latter years. There were some strong points made on both sides.
That said, we touched on Jay’s chop of Mary Wells, “Two Lovers History”. Check the convo and to our newsletter subscribers check your inbox. We sent you some treats.


Kool Keith ~ Who's The Man (Video)

Street Art by Hek & Junky (TJS Crew) Album: Kool Keith 'Love & Danger'. 
Music produced by: Dj Junkaz Lou.

Video directed by: Pirate Dub & Kalenge FX.

Uptown XO (of Diamond District) ~ ERRYBODY (Video)

As part of the triumvirate of Diamond District, XO has been pushing DC street rap to the forefront for the past few years. Before XO reconvenes with Oddisee and yU for their sophomore group effort (March On Washington), XO is gearing up for the release of his new mixtape "The Color Gray" October 1st. To be followed by his new solo project "Colour de Grey", to be released on Mello Music Group this winter.
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