Water ~ The Great Mystery (Documentary/Video)

Power of Wisdom...

Wisdom represents Water, which is the manner of which one speaks intelligently. Your Words can be a gentle rain, a freezing snow, or a biting sleet. Wisdom, like Water, is an ever flowing spring from a bottomless ocean, a flow of Life that takes the shape of any vessel, that reveals itself in all bodies and all moments.

"Empty your mind be formless, shapeless ~ like Water. Now you put Water into a cup, it becomes the cup, you put Water into a bottle, it becomes the bottle, you put it in a teapot, it becomes the teapot. Now Water can flow or it can crash. Be Water, my friend." ~ Bruce Lee

Wisdom is alike to Water for it is the Life given to all on planet Earth. Wisdom is Woman. It's the womb one must pass thru 2 become mentally Born. Just as yoU must come thru a woman's womb to attain physical birth, so must you come thru Wisdom to achieve mental birth. KnowLedge and Wisdom give birth to UnderstandinG just as man and woman give birth to a child.

"Wisdom is Water. It is the flood that drowned the wicked in the time of Noah. It is the sea that drowned the Pharaoh's army when Moses used it to part the Waters. It is the U*N*I*versal solvent into which all things dissolve in T.I.M.E." ~ (from The Tao of Wu by The RZA) 

Your Wise Words, Ways, and Actions (Wisdom) have the Power to Wise the dumb, to make the Wise Dome or Wise Mind, so that the Mind can be intelligent.

Do the KnowLedge, Wise the Dome. and Undersand the Power of Water

Did you know that water has 440 different memory channels? Did you know that in Venezuela, South America there is water on a mountain that is 40,000 times more potent than any water on earth? Did you know that prayer, affirmations, mantras when done over water emits 8 hz in the water? 

This is why Alkaline Water is important. The structured, ionized, electrical water mentioned in the video that changed the behavior of the blood is today known as Alkaline Water.  
Check out the AOGI website for more on Alkaline Water

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