Urban X Podcast 073, Kamala Harris drops out, Zimmerman sues for $100 Million, Queen and Slim (Video Build) (@Urbanx_nyc @TheBlackDot_) #UrbanXcellence #UrbanXNation

Malcom and the Black Dot ARE BACK to break down the latest news in the Urban community. Black men are blamed for Kamala Harris dropping out to the presidential race, George Zimmerman sues the family for Trayvon Martin, and thoughts on the Queen and Slim movie.

Th3rd 3y3 Th3rsday 46 “RIP Poohman 💧🙏🏾” feat Red Pill 🔴 (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

Killah Priest - Unknown Source Part 3 - Garvey ((Stream)) (@killahpriest)


Melanin Monday 87 feat Red Pill 🔴 “Icon” (Video Build) (@El_Philthmoor @KtlUniversity)

In This Episode of Melanin Monday 87 Brother Red Pill addresses the ongoing slander & hatred disguised as critique by Wack 100, The Distinction between “LEGEND” and “ICON” is made. Trending Topics such as Billy “Bussy” D Williams claiming to be “Gender Fluid” The Underlining LBGT agenda in Queen & Slim, The Watchmen Series, The Economic Freedom Conversation between Jay Z & Saul Williams, the Artist named Noname and Azealia Banks quitting Hip Hop in protest against the lack of Support from Black Audiences, And we explore the intricate Relationships between Underworld and Consciousness explored in The Godfather of Harlem series..
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