Talib Kweli, Nelly & Abby Dobson Perform “Before He Walked (Trayvon Martin Tribute)” On Leno (Video)

From 1600`s to 2013 shows how much the world has advanced ,and moved forward ,.kind of repetitive I would say ,..Although Abbey puts that old spiritual mix ,..with a twist of the tongue flippn Nelly and the knowledge kicked by the poet Talib ,..has brought it home with the so familiar footage ,,makes this vid intense ,..It`s a little better these days we`re unchained ,that`s is a plus.

Joey Bada$$ ~ Alowha (Video)

Alowha my negus , this is all the footage while eye was overseas these past few weeks.... i used to take walks round lil italy now i rome round sicily & im plottin on a milly 
~ Joey Bada$$

Download #SummerKnights here HERE

Show Tufli ~ Dedication (Harlem Mo Betta Blues) (Video) (@ShowTuFli)

As an ode to the Mecca, Show Tufli releases the first set of visuals off his upcoming project, R.A.W. (Right All Wrongs).

Jabee x Thelonious Martin ~ Catch That Feeling (Video) (@mynameisJabee)

Jabee releases some more visuals from his As It Is In Heaven EP with Thelonius Martin.

Stalley ~ Raise Your Weapons (@Stalley)

Ohio-native Stalley releases the second single from his forthcoming mixtape. Written as a reaction to the complacency of his generation, the Block Beataz produced "Raise Your Weapons" calls attention to the constant fight for justice. "We recorded the song a year ago," says Stalley. "We had a conversation about what's going on in our lives and the lack of substance and activism in our community."
The lyrics are a call to arms. A catalyst for turning complaints into a charge for what's right. "They say I'm the last of a dying breed," notes the rapper. "Someone who embodies the glories of success, but also embraces the failings of my path. This song is inspired by my own personal push forward, how it now parallels with larger societal trends, and a desire to want more for the people of this country."
Stalley's new mixtape is coming 8/08/13

Big L ~ MVP (D/WILL ReStyle)

For my Trapped in Da 90's N@Gas...

Clan Destined ~ Hanging On (@Clan_Destined)

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