L'Orange ~ Still Spinning ((Instrumentals))

No one has shaped my view of music more than James Yancey. He challenged our idea of music and pushed us towards a more progressive and creative appreciation of hip hop. He died six years ago, but the music lives on in his wake. This project is dedicated to the life and memory of the one and only J Dilla. 


?uestlove’s J Dilla Tribute Mix

The day after he recorded “Think Twice,” for Welcome to Detroit, I look at the drum set, and I was like, “Wait, you recorded that on this?” And it was the most dingiest, dirtiest, not even second-hand. [It] looked like the Fat Albert junkyard gang drum set. Screws were missing; some of the heads were broken. Matter of fact, he didn’t even use real drumsticks on “Think Twice.” He used a vibraphone mallet, and he had a broken drumstick that he got some toilet paper from the bathroom, and some rubber bands. I was like, “You would rather go through this MacGuyver shit than buy new drumsticks?” He’s like, “I didn’t know where to get ’em this late at night; I had to make due.” I was like, “Well, why did you hit the drums with the mallet?” He was like, “I didn’t want the dynamic to be too aggressive. I wanted to sound muted, so I decided to play the drums with the soft cotton mallet.” It looked like putting a marshmallow at the end of a toothpick [Laughs]. Next thing I know, I’m now flying to Philadelphia—I think the next week, [to work on] The Roots’ Phrenology record [and] I tracked both “Quills” and “Pussy Galore” the same way. I went and got some orchestra mallets, and then I too started, just ’cause I seen how he got that sound.

Read the full interview at XXL.

Brother Ali ~ Shine On [prod. Jake One] (Video)

Download song for FREE: http://bit.ly/wQtmns
The Bite Marked Heart - dropping Monday, February 13th.

Synonym vs Si-Klon ~ Broken Hourglass ft. Infinite 7 Mind ((Audio))

A track from Si-Klon's Nu album "Celestial Frequency Shift".

Yamin Semali ~ What I'm Living For [G Phone Video]

Rabb Love and Yamin hit the streets to document Guerrilla Republik as a way of life. Download the single at yaminsemali.bandcamp.com

Kembe X ~ Sawbuck (Video)

Smooth joint from Kembe X's debut mixtape Self Rule. 

G-Side Feat. Stalley & Joi Tiffany ~ Gettin It (Video)

DTMD ~ Raw feat. Godly MC, Kev Brown (Video)

Dunc & Toine Makin' Dollas are DTMD. Their debut album "Makin' Dollas" dropped late in 2011 on Mello Music Group to wide critical acclaim. One of everybody's favorite tracks, Raw, was given the video treatment by director Roddy Rod of Humble Monarch Productions.

Burke, Torae, Side Effect & DJ Waxwork ~ "Another Classic" (M-Phazes Remix)

For the latest leak off Phazed Out, M-Phazes remixes "Another Classic", which was originally featured on the Philly-based producer's compilation albumTaking Nowehere, Somewhere that was released in June of 2010. The remix finds Phazes layering a brass section over his signature claps that provide quite the fitting back drop for emcees Burke, Torae and Side Effect to lay down the punches. To complete the cipher, Philly’s DJ Waxwork proves to be an equally dangerous man that can talk with his hands…“send it in a package, gift wrap it, stamp it, with a price that’s nice so you can cop it, rip it out the plastic, insert the compact disc and blast it [boom]…another classic!”

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