Protoje ft. Ky-Mani Marley ~ Rasta Love (Video)

She didn't know how...

Hatred can be caused by what you don't Understand.
 Love brings on UnderstandinG. 
KnowLedge the Wisdom to bring forth Love ~ The Highest Elevation of UnderstandinG

Joy Denalane ft Raekwon ~ Heaven or Hell (Video)

DisOrder...Neva put ya 2 before ya 1
Love iz Supreme UnderstandinG, which iz KnowLedge before Wisdom. Hell iz brought about when Love iz put in Disorder to bring about wisdom knowledge, having the U*N*I*verse in control instead of controlling the U*N*I*verse. If you're not Right & Exact you won't have order. Alwayz do the KnowLedge before the Wisdom.
Love iz the emotion God blesses the woman with. Many (man and woman) posses this emotion and many have failed to cope with it. Learn 2 Master All Emotionz...

Raekwon ft. Ghostface Killah ~ Heaven & Hell (Video)

Don't believe in Heaven cuz We Livin' in Hell...

Sometimes we gotta go thru Hell to come out Right!!

KnowLedGe Wi2dom (Reflectionz)

U Like The Bridge Between A Scholar & His Und3rstandinG...
This hollywood world so pretentious
Every other girl got a perm or eXtensionz
But U don't even rarely wear lipstick
Still your BEaUty iz a Natural Mystic...

...Natural Hair iz ya Heritage
But 2 Cee it without chemicals
iz rare as the Pyramids
EyE was comin' from the gym again
bumpin' 2Pac 'nEver call U B!*ch again'
She crossed the street Melanin Glistenin'
Felt the InnerG
Sumtin' bout U so interesting
The Prototype Eve from Genesis
Ghetto Empress Nefertiti resemblance...

...She don't need no weaves or contacts
not judging other girls that got that
EyE'm just sayin' U da Truth nEver doubt that...
Cuz U got That!! ~ Dead Prez

Heavy D Tribute by Cookin Soul (Video)

More Love 4 ya...
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