Napoleon Da Legend ~ Matrix and Holograms (Video) (@TeamNDL )

Awakening album
dropping April 2nd

Single Available now on iTunes

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The RZA presents Shaolin Soul Selection: Volume 1 (@RZA)

 In the early '90s, The RZA, then know as Prince Rakeem, had begun making music for his then new Staten Island (aka Shaolin) based supergroup, Wu-Tang Clan. When Enter The 36 Chambers was finally released in late '93, the effect was seismic. The RZA's "awkward" combination of rugged drums and off-center loops formed the foundation of a unique sound that would inspire a whole new generation of samplists, as well as set off searches for the components of those loops. 

As the nature of this Shaolin style became more defined, it became clear that the sounds of the South, and in Memphis especially, seemed to hold a particular draw for The RZA and other disciples of his style. It was in Memphis that the recording studios of STAX Records were based. The records that STAX issued had a certain tone and swing that perfectly complimented The RZA's gritty, down-to-earth style. 

The Procussions ~ "The Fringe" (@TheProcussions)

New album out in April!
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Von Pea & Aeon ~ Pessimistic

Next week Tanya Morgan member Von Pea and Lessondary producer Aeon will drop their new EP Duly Noted. Here's another taste to hold you over.
Listen to "Pessimistic" and pre-order your copy now on iTunes or UGHH.

Mr. Green Ft. Rime, Wen, Chocolatte Lady & Mr. Do or Die ~ Live From The Streets (Video) (@greenhiphop)

Here’s the special Live from the Streets sampled entirely at Miami Art Basel featuring famed grafitti artists Rime and Wen, psychedelic drugs, and other assorted characters.
“This episode is different because it’s the first time we’ve gone outside the boundaries of hip hop.

King I Divine ~ The Era Of A Golden Aquarius ((Instrumentals)) (@KingiDivine )

“I am releasing a new hip-hop instrumental album today, titled “The Era of a Golden Aquarius”. The project features dope boom bap sounds, reminiscent of the 90′s intertwined with cool, laid back tracks, good for vibing. Please share with your audience.” 
-King I Divine


Handle It (Prod. M-Phazes)
MeLo-X has the ability to remix music like none other. Whether he's re-constructing it to produce a whole new track or adding his own vocals MeLo makes every track truly his own. Handle it is no different. Originally a remix of Gotye's "Somebody I used to know" ft. kimbra produced by m-phazes, MeLo decides to take this track and completely transform it into cosmic private dancer music. Handle It tells the story of an encounter with a women who moves like she's from another planet.
Enter the XXX-Files
GOD:LoFi drops soon

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