HMI Orchestra with Pharrell Williams

Saigon ~ Preacher (Video)

From the album "The Greatest Story Never Told"

Aaliyah... (Reflectionz/T.R.O.Y.)

The HighestMost Exhalted One...
1*16*1979 ~ 8*25*2001
Hapi BornDay!!
Rize In Peace!!

Tiye Phoenix ~ Machine Killa (Dustin 'Em) ((Single))

2012 NEW TIYE PHOENIX "MACHINE KILLA(DUSTIN' 'EM")" Since today, we celebrate the life/legacy of MLK, 1 of the greatest challengers against the "machine" who ever lived, I found it more than fitting 2 release this song from my upcoming TP TRANSIT TO ILLUMINATION (not EP- but TP, my initials). In the long-standing war of (wo)man vs."machine",know our victory is assured.Lots of newness 2 come.Thanks 4 listening & supporting.

Verse 1: 

Yasiin Bey (Mos Def) ~ Niggas In Poorest Re~style ((Single))

Chaundon Ft. O.I.S.D ~ The Situation (Prod. By: J. Monopoly) ((Single))

yU ~ I Believe ft. Duff ((Single))

For Martin Luther King Jr. DayyU wanted to share a song that relates his vision of belief.  
"Today's a special day in remembrance of a man that resembled the spirit of a leader at a time where many just followed suit & went with the tide. Another example of how powerful the spoken word can be, changing the lives of many by something as simple as a thought; amplified by the tone of his voice. When iIm onstage, sometimes I think of Martin & Malcolm. I think of how they fueled their supporters with inspiration to push forward. I wrote "I Believe" at a time when I myself was going thru a lot, and was trying to fine tune my focus. Somehow after talking to my creator, & Charlie Ross (who lived in Okinawa, Japan at the time), I was given the music & this is what came from it." - yU

I Believe (Lyrics)

MLK vs the Radio (Martin Luther King 1967 speech to National Association of TV & Radio

This is a rare speech from Martin Luther King that was given in August of 1967 to NATRA which is the National Association of Television and Radio Announcers)

Here King talks about the importance of the Civil Rights Movement and the role Black radio played in furthering it.

Also featured in this collage are speeches from H Rap Brown, Rosa Clemente & Chuck D speak about the impact of radio and mass media
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